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Swati from Hyderabad sent us these pics of fondant cakes she made from scratch, here's what she had to say "I created the most stunning cake and you guys have SUCH a big role to play in that. Thank you for all the stunning ingredients"



   Must-Try: The "Slimming" Oolong Tea [Psst. Did you know, we carry 12 Types of Oolong Teas, View all Here]

Monkey Picked Oolong Supreme PTB (40g) / Small Ima

Chado Monkey Picked Oolong Supreme PTB (40g)

As the tale goes, monks trained monkeys to pick only the finest leaves from the tall wild growing tea trees. Today the term "monkey picked" is associated with the highest quality teas. This is a superb Oolong Tea

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Milk Oolong Loose Leaf Tea (50g) Small Image

Milk Oolong Loose Leaf Tea (50g)

Grown in the Nantou region, 4595 feet above the world, the teas of the milk oolong hold within them a song that tastes like butter and milk. The yellow-green leaves are tightly rolled to form pearls. And they give you a golden-yellow brew that’s crystal clear to look at and velvety to taste with the soft velvety notes of caramel, butter, condensed milk.

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Oolong Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Spicy Mandarin Oolong Tea (50g)

Spicy Mandarin Oolong Tea (50g)

They marry quietly in a bubbling pot, the citrus punch of mandarin and the earthy notes of tea. A handful of spices later, a kettleful of this signature blend of spicy mandarin tea is born. In the gold-kissed brew you’ll find the sweet taste of mandarins mingling harmoniously with the sharp hit of traditional spices.

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Oolong Tea,Newby (UK),Ginseng Oolong (50g)

Ginseng Oolong (50g)

Fragrant semi-fermented oolong with the enlivening addition of powdered ginseng root. Both ginseng and tea have been used for medicinal purposes in China for thousands of years. The powdered sweetness of ginseng blends perfectly with the floral tones of premium oolong. A sweet uplifting tea, perfect for anytime

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   Popular Gourmet Gifts, Perfect for Every Occasion

Gourmet Gift Boxes & Hampers,Gourmet Company (GC),22. The Luxuries Gourmet Hamper

22. The Luxuries Gourmet Hamper

A great hamper to send any time of the year. Quite often this sensational gift selection is sent for a wedding gift or for a husband sending a special gift to his wife for a getaway weekend. Whatever the occasion we guarantee this selection of delicious treats will go down a treat and be remembered for some time. 

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Gourmet Gift Boxes & Hampers,Gourmet Company (GC),24. The English Tea Hamper

24. The English Tea Hamper

This gift selection could be for almost any occasion and they sure will remember you. What better way to start the day? It's luxurious and indulgent. Perfect for a friend, for a boss, for a colleague, for everyone who loves tea.

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Breakfast In Bed Gourmet Small Image

Breakfast in Bed Gourmet

How about gifting someone the ultimate pampering kit with our delectable range of breakfast goodies? A loved ones anniversary coming up? Your own anniversary coming up? A birthday? Or just to make someone feel super special - send the beautiful unique breakfast in bed gourmet!

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Cheese Board Gourmet Small Image

Cheese Board (Round)

Cheese Crate Gourmet gifts contain a delectable melange of your favourite cheese, flavoured crackers, olives and other perfect accompaniments. A bestseller for us currently, if you want to give a loved one something unique this is our recommendation!

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   Baking Essentials: Glitters, Color Gels & More

Edible Colors & Ink Pens,Bakersville,Gel Colour Blue (10gm)

Gel Colour Blue (10gm)

This product has been developed for mass coloration of sugar paste. The gel colors have a superiour coloring strength as compared to any other food color. It blends faster and easier with less mess and is freeze/thaw stable with consistent quality for a variety of uses.

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,CocoaCraft,52% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Couverture 52% (1kg)

52% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Couverture 52% (1kg)

100% Pure & Natural Chocolate, made from organic beans & Natural Vanilla extract. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavouring or hydrogenated oils. It is pure couverture containing 32% Cocoa Butter.

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,CocoaCraft,85% Cocoa Bitter Chocolate Couverture (1kg)

85% Cocoa Bitter Chocolate Couverture (1kg)

100% Pure & Natural Chocolate, made from organic beans & natural vanilla extract. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavouring or hydrogenated oils. It is pure couverture containing 85% Cocoa content.

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Fondant,Fancy,Fonda Frost White Fondant (1kg)

Fonda Frost White Fondant (1kg)

Fonda Frost is the newest range of fondant products that is Halal certified. This range of fondant is convenient to use for the professionals and easy to use for the beginner. Extra white, ready to use and easy to handle.  

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Ambrosia Delicatessen,Candied Orange Peel (250g)

Candied Orange Peel (250g)

If there is a 'waking up to' taste, it has to be sour. Citrus fruits are the epitome of sourness and add that tang to any dish when used. Oranges and Lemons, being citrus fruits are used usually in the form of juice or segments in various ways but the main citrus flavor is concentrated in its peel.

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Bakersville,Edible Gum (100ml)

Edible Gum (100ml)

Edible Gum is used to stick edible decorations on cakes, cookies, donuts and more

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   All Time Customer Favorites

Popcorn & Chips,The Green Snack Co.,Kale Chips - Cheese and Onion (30g)

Kale Chips - Cheese and Onion (30g)

Air dried raw Kale with all it's nutrients and enzymes intact, flavored with cheese and onion. Non Fried. Gluten Free. 

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,CocoaCraft,CocoaCraft Rich Dark Cocoa Powder (200g)

CocoaCraft Rich Dark Cocoa Powder (200g)

Rich Dark Cocoa Powder 20-22% Cocoa Butter Dutch Process, Solubilized and Unsweetened. Suitable for baking and as Drinking Chocolate

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Breakfast,Bobs Red Mill,Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats (623g)

Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats (623g)

Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats are simply whole oat groats that have been cut into neat little pieces on a specialized rotary granulator mill. Made using high protein, the whole grain oats have been lightly toasted to create this hearty steel cut oats. Also known as Irish oats or pinhead oats, steel cut oats create a chewy, full-bodied hot cereal. Our Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats are cut

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Sprig,All Natural Bourbon Vanilla Extract (90ml)

All Natural Bourbon Vanilla Extract (90ml)

Rich and mellow, Sprig’s Natural Bourbon Vanilla extract is made from Madagascar vanilla beans. Made using a proprietary process which is alcohol free to extract and preserve over 300 flavour compounds, naturally occurring in vanilla. The result is a natural, alcohol free vanilla extract with a sweet, creamy, mellow flavour and a buttery aroma. 

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Baking Flours,Bobs Red Mill,Organic Coconut Flour (453g)

Organic Coconut Flour (453g)

Organic coconut flour is a delicious, healthy alternative to wheat and other grain flours. Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat, coconut flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. The light coconut flavor allows coconut flour to blend seamlessly into sweet or savory baked goods.

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Baking Flours,Bobs Red Mill,Gluten Free Almond Flour/ Meal (453g)

Gluten Free Almond Flour/ Meal (453g)

Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal is ground from whole, blanched sweet almonds. Replacing 25% of the flour in your baking with almond meal will add wonderful texture and flavor while reducing the total carbohydrates.

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Cheese,Colliers ,Colliers Welsh Cheddar (200g)

Colliers Welsh Cheddar (200g)

Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar is a single creamery cheddar, made exclusively at a creamery in North Wales, to a single recipe. Collier’s was created on firm principles: to deliver the finest quality cheddar cheese, with a distinctive, long and powerful taste. Collier’s is recognised today for its unique character and a taste that sets it apart from other cheddars.

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Cheese,Cerrato,Spanish Cheese from Cow-Sheep-Goat's Milk (225g)

Spanish Cheese from Cow-Sheep-Goat's Milk (225g)

Acidic & slightly salty flavour. Dairy aromas of yoghurt & butter. Marked softness making it slightly sticky and giving a pleasant oily sensation. Excellent harmony between flavour and texture. Medium intense aftertaste reminiscent of goat’s milk. Medium persistent fl

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Cheese,Lemnos,Lemnos Haloumi Cheese (180gm)

Lemnos Haloumi Cheese (180gm)

Slice and grill this cheese. It goes really well in salads, sandwiches or just eat it by itself.

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Cheese,Latteria,Ferrsri Grana Padano (200g)

Ferrsri Grana Padano (200g)

Developed nearly 1,000 years ago by Cistercian monks, Grana Padano is one of the most popular cheeses of Italy. Grana Padano is a hard raw cow's milk Italian Cheese that has a robust, sweet flavor. Grana Padano is named for its grain-like crumbly texture as Grana comes from the word for "grainy" in Latin. 

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Cheese,Lactima,Sandwich Cheddar Slices (130g)

Sandwich Cheddar Slices (130g)

Add these delicious cheddar cheese slices in your favorite sandwich. Perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Cheese,President,Brie in Tin (125g)

Brie in Tin (125g)

Deliciously buttery & creamy inside, with a snow-white edible rind, mild flavor with subtle mushrooms notes. 

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Cheese,Grandma Singletons,Grandma Singletons Mild Cheddar  (200g)

Grandma Singletons Mild Cheddar (200g)

Delivering the reliable, well rounded taste of cheddar Cheese . A clean flavour with the gentle tangy after notes

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Cheese,Royal Hollandia,Gouda Wedge (260g)

Gouda Wedge (260g)

[zipedit] Holland’s most famous Cheese , Gouda is a creamy semi-hard Cheese that has a mild, nutty flavour. Have your Gouda Cheese in pasta dishes or on a Cheese board with fruits and wine! 

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