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Swati from Hyderabad sent us these pics of fondant cakes she made from scratch, here's what she had to say "I created the most stunning cake and you guys have SUCH a big role to play in that. Thank you for all the stunning ingredients"




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   Best Sellers

Jams And Preserves,The Gourmet Jar,No Sugar Added Date & Prune Spread (250g)

No Sugar Added Date & Prune Spread (250g)

Luscious dates and prunes, slow-cooked in fresh orange juice, with a sprinkling of cinnamon - this spread made with no-added-sugar uses the natural sweetness of dates and prunes to create a jam for those who want to stay away from processed sugar.

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Speciality Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Puer Tea (50g)

Puer Tea (50g)

Pu-Er Tea is a variety of a fermented dark tea produced in Yunnan province in China. The tea is known to have several medicinal benefits. 

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,CocoaCraft,CocoaCraft Rich Dark Cocoa Powder (200g)

CocoaCraft Rich Dark Cocoa Powder (200g)

Rich Dark Cocoa Powder 20-22% Cocoa Butter Dutch Process, Solubilized and Unsweetened. Suitable for baking and as Drinking Chocolate

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,NHB Agro,NHB Macadamia Nuts (100g)

NHB Macadamia Nuts (100g)

Macadamia nuts have sweet taste and are rich source of energy. 100 g of nuts provide about 718 calorie/100 g, which is one of the highest values among nuts

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,NHB Agro,NHB Pine Nut Kernels (deshelled) (100g)

NHB Pine Nut Kernels (deshelled) (100g)

Extremely healthy, and can be added over vegetables, salads, cereals or even baked into bread. Core ingredient for making pesto.

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Sprig,All Natural Bourbon Vanilla Extract (90ml)

All Natural Bourbon Vanilla Extract (90ml)

Rich and mellow, Sprig’s Natural Bourbon Vanilla extract is made from Madagascar vanilla beans. Made using a proprietary process which is alcohol free to extract and preserve over 300 flavour compounds, naturally occurring in vanilla. The result is a natural, alcohol free vanilla extract with a sweet, creamy, mellow flavour and a buttery aroma. 

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Honey,New Zealand,Airborne Health Manuka Honey (250g)

Airborne Health Manuka Honey (250g)

The Maori people used Manuka as a medicinal plant, from treating fevers and colds to sedatives and early European settlers called it the "tea tree". This is a strong flavored honey but with a fresh clean bite. Airborne HEALTH manuka honey has a mono-pollen count of over 85%, ensuring the high antioxident and antibacterial content of the honey.

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Hintz,Hintz Cocoa Powder (125g)

Hintz Cocoa Powder (125g)

Fine dark Cocoa Powder Ideal or Baking - Ideal for Making Biscuits, Ice Creams And Desserts. Gluten-Free

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  New Arrivals: Old El Paso: Salsas, Sauces & Tortillas

Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Sliced Jalapenos Hot (215g)

Old El Paso Sliced Jalapenos Hot (215g)

This spicy and tangy chili pepper adds a zing to any meal. Add a few in your tacos, burritos or sprinkle over nachos. The more adventurous can try adding it on pizza too.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Enchilada Cooking Sauce Mild (395g)

Old El Paso Enchilada Cooking Sauce Mild (395g)

Tangy and sweet red guajillo peppers sweet garlic, juicy tomatoes and rich crea are blended to create the ultimate enchilada cooking sauce.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Thick 'n' Chunky Salsa Hot (226g)

Old El Paso Thick 'n' Chunky Salsa Hot (226g)

Dial up the flavors of fajitas or burritos with a generous dollop of this fiery chunky salsa or use as a dip for your nachos.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Taco Salsa Mild (235g)

Old El Paso Taco Salsa Mild (235g)

A delicious combination of juicy tomatoes, a hint of tasty onions and mild green chilies to create a mouth-wateringly smooth salsa just for tacos.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Taco Salsa Sauce Hot (235g)

Old El Paso Taco Salsa Sauce Hot (235g)

Hot and tangy jalepeno peppers are added to juicy tomatos and a hint of onions to give this smooth taco salsa a fiery kick. Spoon it over your favorite taco filling and bite into that crunch!

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Tortilla Chips Chili (200g)

Old El Paso Tortilla Chips Chili (200g)

Spicy and crunchy. Pair it with your favorite dip.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Whole Wheat Tortilla (350g)

Old El Paso Whole Wheat Tortilla (350g)

Soft, golden-brown and deliciously more-ish, these whole wheat tortillas are great wrapped around your choice of tasty filling. from tender strips of chicken, to succulent beef, crunchy veggies, chunky gualcamole or spicy salsa... get wrapping.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Flour Tortillas Regular (326 g)

Old El Paso Flour Tortillas Regular (326 g)

Gently warmed, these light, pillowy tortillas are simply delicious wrapped around your favorite ingredients to create mouth-watering meals in minutes. From sizzling fajitas to succulent burritos, get creative, wrap 'em up and enjoy!

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  Stock Up on Skittles!

Candy & Confections,Skittles,Skittles Wild Berry (397g)

Skittles Wild Berry (397g)

A whole new rainbow to explore in this pack of 5 berry Skittles.

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Candy & Confections,Skittles,Skittles Dark Side (99g)

Skittles Dark Side (99g)

Come to the Dark Side... we have Skittles. Taste the other side of the rainbow.

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Candy & Confections,Skittles,Skittles Tropical (61g)

Skittles Tropical (61g)

Skittles Tropical packs a fruity punch with exotic fruit flavors.

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Candy & Confections,Skittles,Skittles Original (99g)

Skittles Original (99g)

Taste the Rainbow with the original flavors of Skittles candy.

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  Back in Stock: White Marshmallows, Yeast, Vanilla Extract & All Natural Colors

Marmalade,The Gourmet Jar,Apricot Brandy Marmalade (250g)

Apricot Brandy Marmalade (250g)

Luscious and bright, this marmalade combines the delicate flavours of apricots with the zest of citrus, that's round off with the warmth of brandy.

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Jams And Preserves,The Gourmet Jar,Two Berry Preserve (250g)

Two Berry Preserve (250g)

Luscious raspberries and juicy strawberries blend together to make this delightful preserve that's a hit with everyone. Perfect for a delicious breakfast, and also for your desserts.

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Speciality Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Special Edition Tea Japanese Collection

Special Edition Tea Japanese Collection

A collection of Japanese Teas set in a beautiful box. Perfect for gifting.

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White Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Imperial White Tea (50g)

Imperial White Tea (50g)

Their young leaves rustle lazily as they’re engulfed by a blanket of jasmine flowers. Their delicate aroma fills the air. And their sweet taste fills your teacup. In our exquisite blend, you’ll find a melange of mellow, smooth and floral. And a brew that leaves you with the taste of summer lingering in your mouth

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Fondant,Fancy,Fonda Frost Pineapple Yellow Fondant (1kg)

Fonda Frost Pineapple Yellow Fondant (1kg)

Fonda Frost is the newest range of fondant products that is Halal certified. This range of fondant is convenient to use for the professionals and

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Food Preparation,Hansells,Yoghurt Maker

Yoghurt Maker

Make fresh yoghurt in 3 easy steps at home with Hansells Yoghurt Maker. Makes 1x 1kg or 2x 500g of fresh yoghurt. 

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Candy & Confections,Marshmelts,Artisan Marshmallows Vanilla Mist (175g)

Artisan Marshmallows Vanilla Mist (175g)

Enjoy the classic simplicity of our delicious and smooth Vanilla Mist marshmallows. Pure and sweet, perfect for roasting into coffee, hot chocolate, to use in baking or even right out of the box.

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Sparkling Passion Fruit Juice Small image

Sparkling Passion Fruit Juice (250ml)

Let the exotic taste of passion fruit transport you to a place of sun and sand. Or if that’s not your cup of tea, to where the mountains meet the horizon. ?Wherever your happy place, we're sure you’ll find it while enjoying this sparkling thirst quencher.

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Lime Green Fondant Small image

Fonda Frost Lime Green Fondant (1kg)

Fonda Frost is the newest range of fondant products that is Halal certified. This range of fondant is convenient to use for the professionals and easy to use for the beginner. Ready to use and easy to handle.

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Multigrain Muesli Small Image

Multigrain Muesli (350gms)

Wake up to health and potency with the splendid goodness of Multigrain Muesli! These crunchy wholegrain flakes are loaded with key nutrients and fibre, building core organ strength and lowering blood pressure. Sesame and other seeds have Omega 3 for tough bones and a vital nervous system, and nuts are a storehouse of energy, pumping your body with vigour.

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Seeds,Satvikk,Grey Chia Seeds (150g)

Grey Chia Seeds (150g)

A blend of black and white chia seeds! Add to your milkshakes, sprinkle over your cereals or even add to salads.

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Spices & Seasonings,Sprig,All Natural Spice Extracts in Canola Oil (4 flavors) (15m...

All Natural Spice Extracts in Canola Oil (4 flavors) (15m...

Four flavors - BayLeaf, Clove, Cardomon and Cinnamon. The crisp, clean and consistent flavour of these extracts will work wonderfully in rice, pastas, soups, sauces, marinades, dressing, batter, dough mixes, juices, smoothies, cocktails, curries, gravies, jams, pickles, chutneys and almost anything else

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Edible Colors & Ink Pens,Sprig,All Natural Food & Beverage Colors (Set of 4)

All Natural Food & Beverage Colors (Set of 4)

These natural extracts are colourful concentrates of edible pigments that occur naturally in Fruits, Flowers, Leaves and Roots of plants such as Paprika, Marigold, Spinach and Beetroot. 100% vegetarian; the natural extracts are high in bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants all of which are active Super-Nutrients and beneficial additions to your family's daily diet. 

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Ambrosia Delicatessen,Candied Lemon Peel (250g)

Candied Lemon Peel (250g)

If there is a 'waking up to' taste, it has to be sour. Citrus fruits are the epitome of sourness and add that tang to any dish when used. Oranges and Lemons, being citrus fruits are used usually in the form of juice or segments in various ways but the main citrus flavor is concentrated in its peel.

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Miscellaneous Ingredients,Bakersville,Vizyon Gum Paste (900g)

Vizyon Gum Paste (900g)

Gum paste is ready to use modelling / sculpting paste sugar icing that is modeled by hand onto decorative pieces, like creative flowers, leaves and edible toys. The finished pieces set up hard keeping their shape and can be stored in a sealed container for long periods. It is exceptionally easy to work with and doesn't go hard too quickly while using and typically dries up in a few hours.

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Sprinkles and Edible Shapes,Sprinkles N More,Silver Glitter (4g)

Silver Glitter (4g)

Edible Silver Glitter from Sprinkles N More are a great way to glitter up your cakes and other desserts. The shimmery silver flakes add a 'jubilations' feel to your cakes. And the best part is that it looks good with all your other colours used

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Seeds,Conscious Foods,Alfalfa Seeds (200g)

Alfalfa Seeds (200g)

Alfalfa seeds make delicious sprouts for salads and sandwiches, also a nutritious tea. 

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Falafel Mix (150g)

Falafel Mix (150g)

Savory chickpeas and herb snack! Great on its own, in pitta pockets or with salad!

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Instant Coffee,Davidoff Café ,Davidoff Rich Aroma (100G)

Davidoff Rich Aroma (100G)

Davidoff Rich Aroma is the full body derived from South American origins and its rich aroma and spiciness originating from East African coffees that make this coffee the discerning choice for all those who prefer an intense, fascinating taste experience

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  Gourmet Pantry Must-Haves

Homechef Tom Yum Chili Paste Small Image

Tom Yum Chili Paste in Oil (227gm)

A traditional Thai spice paste, a mixture of herbs and spices used for making the ever popular hot-and-sour soups including tom yum goong, tom yum gai and tom yum pla.

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Savory & Sweet Sauces,Indian Home Gourmet,Peanut Red Dip (250g)

Peanut Red Dip (250g)

Koli's Peanut Dip is a mild, yet fully flavoured and intensely aromatic dip that is a hot favourite among kids and savoured by adults too.

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Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Small Image

Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce (60ml)

Tabasco Green Jalapeno sauce can be added to a whole host of dips and dishes, like guacamole, salsa, tacos and burritos. It works just as well on entrées like red beans and rice or paella.

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Herbs & Seasonings,Ina Paarmans Kitchen,Ina Paarman's Rosemary & Olive Seasoning (200g)

Ina Paarman's Rosemary & Olive Seasoning (200g)

Rosemary & Olive seasoning tastes great on oven roasted or grilled vegetables like peppers, eggplants etc. Tastes great on pizzas as well.

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Al Fez Harissa Spiced Couscous (200g)

Al Fez Harissa Spiced Couscous (200g)

Golden couscous grains with exotic spices, chilli & coriander.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

All the seasoning, vegetables & salsa you need. Just add chicken to make perfect fajitas.

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Thai,Blue Elephant,Blue Elephant Rice Vinegar (200ml)

Blue Elephant Rice Vinegar (200ml)

The Blue Elephant Rice Vinegar is less acidic and milder in flavour. Provides a milder, sweeter alternative to regular vinegar. Suitable for sensational salads, magnificent marinades and amazing appetizers. Its slightly sweet aftertaste will bring you back to it from time to time.

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