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Baking Paraphernalia

Food Preparation,Mastrad,Cooking Torch (Blow Torch)

Cooking Torch (Blow Torch)

A professional tool to caramelize the cream, desserts and brown meats. Now you can truly perfect the Creme Brulee to its classic caramelized look and taste.

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Bakeware,ChefN,Pop and Pour Mixing Bowl Set (3 Bowl)

Pop and Pour Mixing Bowl Set (3 Bowl)

Pop up the handle, then pour a steady stream with these innovative mixing bowls. Constructed of durable nylon, the handles provide a natural hold when you’re pouring. A non-slip base won’t slip on the countertop during mixing and a convenient spout makes it easier than ever to pour batter onto griddles or into cupcake tins.

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Baking Paraphernalia,ChefN,Cake Stand Kit

Cake Stand Kit

To decorate party cakes like a pro, the CakeWalk™ Cake Decorating Kit has everything you need. The kit includes 16 standard decorating tips, flower nail, small coupler and two disposable pastry bags. Use your own cake platter on top of the smooth, rolling platform. A non-slip base ensures steadiness when decorating. The best part, everything snaps in place and stores together so you’ll never lose decorating ti

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Pastry Tips (Pack of 24) Small Image

Pastry Tips (Pack of 24)

Make baking much easier with this Pastry Tip set from Mastrad. With 24 professional quality stainless steel tips, you have so many creative ways to decorate your confections. Plus, the universal coupler allows fast, easy changing.

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Baking Paraphernalia,Mastrad,Mastrad Muffin Pan - For 12 Heart Shaped Muffins

Mastrad Muffin Pan - For 12 Heart Shaped Muffins

Make a delicious variety of red velvet, carrot, spice, and more.

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24 Cupcake Pop Mold Grey Translucent Small Image

24 Cupcake Pop Mold Grey Translucent

Make a delicious variety of red velvet, carrot, spice, and more.

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Food Preparation,Chefn (USA),Freshforce Basting Brush

Freshforce Basting Brush

This tool is made with 650-degree F heat and stain resistant silicone bristles that have a patented ink quill design to absorb and hold large amounts of sauce or oil. The Silicone Basting Brush is perfect for chicken, ribs, and even your Thanksgiving turkey. 

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Baking Paraphernalia,ChefN,3-in-1 Offset Spatula Set for Cakes

3-in-1 Offset Spatula Set for Cakes

The sugar coat 3-in-1 offset spatula set from Chef's combines three essential baking tools in one compact set. The set includes one large, 7 3/4-inch spatula, one small, 4 1/2-inch spatula, and a cake tester nested neatly together for easy storage. The spatulas boast sturdy nylon handles and flexible stainless steel blades that are ideal for moving warm cookies and lifting cake layers. The large spatula is per

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Baking Brush Light

Baking Brush Light

Baking brush from Mastrad is ideal for brushing egg white, butter or milk during baking or basting during barbecuing! It is made from silicone that makes it durable and easy to maintain.

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Baking Paraphernalia,Rosti,Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

We know that some of those celebrity chefs simply use the shell halves to separate the egg white from the yolk... but there's got to be an awful lot of wastage there, right? Well, here's the tidy way (no bits of shell to contend with) to perfectly have the whites and yolks go their separate ways.&

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