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Baking Paraphernalia

Baking Paraphernalia,Mastrad,Mastrad Muffin Pan - For 12 Heart Shaped Muffins

Mastrad Muffin Pan - For 12 Heart Shaped Muffins

Muffin or cupcake pan creates individual heart-shaped portions of various sizes. Easily create hearts and four-leaf clovers; perfectly portion-controlled serving si

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Food Preparation,Chefn (USA),Freshforce Basting Brush

Freshforce Basting Brush

This tool is made with 650-degree F heat and stain resistant silicone bristles that have a patented ink quill design to absorb and hold large amounts of sauce or oil. The Silicone Basting Brush is perfect for chicken, ribs, and even your Thanksgiving turkey. 

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Baking Paraphernalia,Ghidini,Ghidini Cake Cooler (32cm)

Ghidini Cake Cooler (32cm)

Great for cooling cakes, cookies and other pastry's hot out of the oven

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Cake Decoration,Wilton,Wilton Multi-Opening Tip No.2010

Wilton Multi-Opening Tip No.2010

If you want to cut your decorating time, Wilton multi-opening tips are a great solution. Each tip creates several uniform decorations simultaneously so you can cover an area of your cake much faster than with a single opening tip.

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Baking Paraphernalia,Ghidini,Silicone Baking Brush

Silicone Baking Brush

Marinate and prepare those scrumptious pies and delicious roasts for baking in style as you keep this wonderful Silicone Baking Brush handy

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Cake Decoration,Wilton,Wilton Open Star Tip No. 14

Wilton Open Star Tip No. 14

Star techniques and drop flowers; the finely cut teeth create decorations with many ridges.

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