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Baking Paraphernalia

Food Preparation,Chefn (USA),Freshforce Basting Brush

Freshforce Basting Brush

This tool is made with 650-degree F heat and stain resistant silicone bristles that have a patented ink quill design to absorb and hold large amounts of sauce or oil. The Silicone Basting Brush is perfect for chicken, ribs, and even your Thanksgiving turkey. 

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Silicone Sauce Whisk

Silicone Sauce Whisk

Ideal for whipping thick cake mix, cream and sauces. An extra wire keeps the whisk conveniently attached to the bowl in between use.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Baking Brush Light

Baking Brush Light

Baking brush from Mastrad is ideal for brushing egg white, butter or milk during baking or basting during barbecuing! It is made from silicone that makes it durable and easy to maintain.

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Baking Paraphernalia,Ghidini,Ghidini Cake Cooler (32cm)

Ghidini Cake Cooler (32cm)

Great for cooling cakes, cookies and other pastry's hot out of the oven

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Cake Decoration,Wilton,Wilton Multi-Opening Tip No.2010

Wilton Multi-Opening Tip No.2010

If you want to cut your decorating time, Wilton multi-opening tips are a great solution. Each tip creates several uniform decorations simultaneously so you can cover an area of your cake much faster than with a single opening tip.

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Cake Decoration,Wilton,Wilton Ruffle Tip (No. 406)

Wilton Ruffle Tip (No. 406)

Plain, fluted, shell-border, special effects.

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Baking Paraphernalia,Bakersville,Edible Metallic Ribbons - Gold

Edible Metallic Ribbons - Gold

An easy way to add professional results to your cake decorating.

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Baking Paraphernalia,Bakersville,Anti Slip Green Disposable Pastry Bags (12 inch)

Anti Slip Green Disposable Pastry Bags (12 inch)

Superior quality anti slip pastry bag with soft velvet touch outside for a firm grip

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Baking Paraphernalia,Rosti,Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

We know that some of those celebrity chefs simply use the shell halves to separate the egg white from the yolk... but there's got to be an awful lot of wastage there, right? Well, here's the tidy way (no bits of shell to contend with) to perfectly have the whites and yolks go their separate ways.&

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Cake Decoration,Wilton,Wilton Petal Tip No.102

Wilton Petal Tip No.102

Realistic flower petals, dramatic ruffles, drapes, swags and bows. Tip works with standard bags and couplers.

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