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Edible Holographic Disco Dusts are extra fine dusts with lots of sparkle! Made from non-toxic ingredients, these dusts are edible and great for decorating cakes & cupcakes. An added advantage is that they are sugar-free and add no extra calories to your sweet treats! Can also be used to add a touch of sparkle to your fondant or gum-paste 


Edible Luster dust is a type of decorating powder used in cake and candy decorating to add color and sparkle to desserts. Made from non-toxic ingredients, these edible dusts are great when you want to add shine to your baked treats with a touch of color

Bakersville Green Lustre Dust Small Image

Bakersville Green Lustre Dust (3g)

Decorate your cake toys with these lustre dust.

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Cake Decoration,Sprinkles N More,Reddish Lustre Dust (4g)

Reddish Lustre Dust (4g)

Add reddish lustre dust to your cake decorations.

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Cake Decoration,Sprinkles N More,Light Green Lustre Dust(4g)

Light Green Lustre Dust(4g)

Add a lustrous green to your cake decorations

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Cake Decoration,Sprinkles N More,Blue Lustre Dust (4g)

Blue Lustre Dust (4g)

A lovely sky blue lustrous dust for your edible flowers and other decorations. This sprinkle is very fine and has a subtle but beautiful shine to it.

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