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Welcome to the Cheese Cellar! Cheese currently available in Mumbai only. 


Cheese,President,Emmantal Cheese (250g)

Emmantal Cheese (250g)

This Emmental is matured for a minimum of six weeks to give it a delicious sweet and nutty taste. Président Emmental is very versatile and is ideal for cooking. It is easily sliced and rated, and turns perfectly golden when grilled.

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Cheese,Zanetti (Italy),Pecorino Romano (250g)

Pecorino Romano (250g)

[zipedit] Pecorino Romano is a salty, firm Cheese ideal for grating purposes. While it can be used in pasta dishes, it is also a nice addition to a Cheese platter or with fruit, especially pears, while a chunk with a piece of crusty bread and a glass of red wine is a fine snack

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Cheese,Lemnos,Lemnos Haloumi Cheese (200gm)

Lemnos Haloumi Cheese (200gm)

Slice and grill this cheese. It goes really well in salads, sandwiches or just eat it by itself.

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Cheese,Frico,Mild Gouda Wedge (295g)

Mild Gouda Wedge (295g)

A classic Dutch cheese with a mild creamy taste. Gouda is an excellent melting cheese - try it over pizza, in soups and sauces. Also great on a cheese board with crackers. 

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Cheese,Dodoni,Dodoni Goat Cheese (200gm)

Dodoni Goat Cheese (200gm)

Traditional white cheese made from pasteurized goat’s milk with particular slightly spicy flavor. A great addition to a cheese board and goes well with walnuts.

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Cheese,Latteria,Provolone Picante (200g)

Provolone Picante (200g)

A semi-hard sharp tasting cheese eaten with flat breads and goes well with aged red wine.

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Cheese,Zanetti,Zanetti Ricotta cheese (250gm)

Zanetti Ricotta cheese (250gm)

Ricotta also known as the Italian Paneer is a versatile cheese that can be used in sweet and savory dishes.

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Cheese,President,President Whipping Cream (200ml)

President Whipping Cream (200ml)

Long lasting whole cream used in sweet and savory dishes. Perfect for sauces.

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Cheese,WYKE Farms,WYKE Farms Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese (200g)

WYKE Farms Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese (200g)

The perfect balance of an everyday cheese with a delicious flavour strength. Try some melted into your favourite lasagne or over cauliflower or even as a treat on its own!

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Cheese,WYKE Farms,WYKE Farms Mature Cheddar Cheese (200g)

WYKE Farms Mature Cheddar Cheese (200g)

This cheddar cheese is perfect to liven up any meal occasion. From a tasty brunch of melted cheddar cheese and sliced vine tomatoes on toast, to sliced with fresh cucumber in a soft, wholesome bap. This ‘rich and creamy’ Mature Cheddar will liven up any cheese occasion.

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Cheese,President,President Butter - Unsalted (200g)

President Butter - Unsalted (200g)

Perfect for cooking and baking, this unsalted butter is also great as a topping to a steak meal or a simple spread.

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Cheese,Parsi Dairy Farm,Parsi Dairy Farm Butter Ghee (500 ml)

Parsi Dairy Farm Butter Ghee (500 ml)

Rich, Pure and Wholesome! Use this ghee to make the freshest mithais that will melt in your mouth.

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Cheese,President,Sandwich Cheddar Slices (200g)

Sandwich Cheddar Slices (200g)

Add these delicious cheddar cheese slices in your favorite sandwich. Perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Cheese,President,Light Cheese Slices (200g)

Light Cheese Slices (200g)

Cheese loving health conscious folks rejoice!! You can now indulge in some cheese without the tension of packing on those extra pounds. Goes well in sandwiches, toast, pasta or eat it just by itself.

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Cheese,President,Mozarella Processed Cheese (200g)

Mozarella Processed Cheese (200g)

Mozarella is the best cheese to put on your homemade pizza. You can melt it over vegetables for a delicious healthy treat and can also coat it with bread crumbs and quickly fry it to make mozzarella sticks. 

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Cheese,Lactima,Lactima Cheddar Cheese slice (130gm)

Lactima Cheddar Cheese slice (130gm)

Delicious cheddar cheese slices that go well in burgers, sandwiches or even in salads.

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