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Welcome to the Cheese Cellar! Cheese is delivered across India only on prepaid basis. There is an additional charge of Rs.100 for all cheese shipments


Cheese,Royal Hollandia,Royal Hollandia Mild Gouda (260g)

Royal Hollandia Mild Gouda (260g)

[zipedit] Holland’s most famous Cheese , Gouda is a creamy semi-hard Cheese that has a mild, nutty flavour. Have your Gouda Cheese in pasta dishes or on a Cheese board with fruits and wine! 

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Cheese,Royal Hollandia,Royal Hollandia Edam Wedge (220g)

Royal Hollandia Edam Wedge (220g)

The quintessential Dutch Cheese is made from cows’ milk, and has a firm, elastic, pale-yellow interior with a sweet, slightly nutty flavour.Edam Cheese melts well and is a popular cooking Cheese . 

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Westland Smoked Cheese Red Pepper Portion small im

Westland Smoked Cheese Red Pepper Portion (200gm)

Smoked cheese is any cheese that has been specially treated by smoke-curing. It typically has a yellowish-brown outer pellicle which is a result of this curing process.

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Westland Gouda Slices small image

Westland Gouda Slices (150gm)

Gouda Cheese is a mildly ripened cheese of Dutch variety named after its place of origin in Netherlands. It is a yellow cheese made from cow's milk. 

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