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Welcome to the Cheese Cellar! Cheese currently available in Mumbai only. 


Cheese,Latteria,Pecorino Romano (250g)

Pecorino Romano (250g)

Pecorino Romano is an excellent grating cheese - try it over pasta dishes and toas

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Cheese,President,Emmantal Cheese (250g)

Emmantal Cheese (250g)

This Emmental is matured for a minimum of six weeks to give it a delicious sweet and nutty taste. Président Emmental is very versatile and is ideal for cooking. It is easily sliced and rated, and turns perfectly golden when grilled.

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Cheese,Frico,Mild Gouda Wedge (295g)

Mild Gouda Wedge (295g)

A classic Dutch cheese with a mild creamy taste. Gouda is an excellent melting cheese - try it over pizza, in soups and sauces. Also great on a cheese board with crackers. 

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Cheese,Latteria,Grana Padano (200g)

Grana Padano (200g)

Developed nearly 1,000 years ago by Cistercian monks, Grana Padano is one of the most popular cheeses of Italy. Grana Padano is a hard raw cow's milk Italian Cheese that has a robust, sweet flavor. Grana Padano is named for its grain-like crumbly texture as Grana comes from the word for "grainy" in Latin. 

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Cheese,Frico,Edam Herby Wedges (235g)

Edam Herby Wedges (235g)

A delicious Dutch Edam cheese with herbs that goes well with crackers on a cheese board and some whole grain mustard.

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Cheese,Latteria,Provolone Picante (200g)

Provolone Picante (200g)

A semi-hard sharp tasting cheese eaten with flat breads and goes well with aged red wine.

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Cheese,Royal Hollandia,Royal Hollandia Mild Gouda (260g)

Royal Hollandia Mild Gouda (260g)

[zipedit] Holland’s most famous Cheese , Gouda is a creamy semi-hard Cheese that has a mild, nutty flavour. Have your Gouda Cheese in pasta dishes or on a Cheese board with fruits and wine! 

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Cheese,Royal Hollandia,Royal Hollandia Edam Wedge (220g)

Royal Hollandia Edam Wedge (220g)

The quintessential Dutch Cheese is made from cows’ milk, and has a firm, elastic, pale-yellow interior with a sweet, slightly nutty flavour.Edam Cheese melts well and is a popular cooking Cheese . 

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Cheese,Frico,Edam Wedge Mild (235g)

Edam Wedge Mild (235g)

Semi-hard mild cheese that goes well with fruits like peach, melons and apricots. Popular cheese on a cheese board with crackers and a fruit preserve. 

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Cheese,Kolios,Kolios Greek Feta (200g)

Kolios Greek Feta (200g)

Feta is undoubtedly one of the most famous Greek cheeses, most famously used in Greek Salad. A salty, crumbly cheese, Feta works well in salads, sandwiches & even on a cheese board with crackers. 

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Cheese,President,Brie in Tin (125g)

Brie in Tin (125g)

Deliciously buttery & creamy inside, with a snow-white edible rind, mild flavor with subtle mushrooms notes. 

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Cheese,President,Camembert In Tin (125g)

Camembert In Tin (125g)

Rich & creamy inside, with an earthy mushroom flavor, and a bolder taste as it ripens. 

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Cheese,President,President Whipping Cream (200ml)

President Whipping Cream (200ml)

Long lasting whole cream used in sweet and savory dishes. Perfect for sauces.

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Grandma Singleton Red Cheddar Matured Portion smal

Grandma Singleton Red Cheddar (200g)

This mature white cheddar develops to a crescendo of intense mouth watering flavour. Extremely versatile, can be used over crackers, in soups, bakes & pastas. 

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Cheese,President,President Butter - Salted (200g)

President Butter - Salted (200g)

A delicious salted butter you can use for baking, cooking or simply spread on your morning toast.

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Cheese,President,President Butter - Unsalted (200g)

President Butter - Unsalted (200g)

Perfect for cooking and baking, this unsalted butter is also great as a topping to a steak meal or a simple spread.

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Cheese,Canzona,Danish Blue Cheese (100g)

Danish Blue Cheese (100g)

A semi-soft, strong blue veined cheese.

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Cheese,Frico,Smoked Cheese Slices (150g)

Smoked Cheese Slices (150g)

A mild, smoky taste - great in sandwiches, in baked dishes, as a melting cheese or even over some plain crackers ! 

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Cheese,President,Sandwich Cheddar Slices (200g)

Sandwich Cheddar Slices (200g)

Add these delicious cheddar cheese slices in your favorite sandwich. Perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich.

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Cheese,President,Burger Cheese Slices (200g)

Burger Cheese Slices (200g)

No burger is complete without a good melting cheese. Try this when you make burgers at home next.

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Cheese,President,Light Cheese Slices (200g)

Light Cheese Slices (200g)

Cheese loving health conscious folks rejoice!! You can now indulge in some cheese without the tension of packing on those extra pounds. Goes well in sandwiches, toast, pasta or eat it just by itself.

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Cheese,President,Mozarella Processed Cheese (200g)

Mozarella Processed Cheese (200g)

Mozarella is the best cheese to put on your homemade pizza. You can melt it over vegetables for a delicious healthy treat and can also coat it with bread crumbs and quickly fry it to make mozzarella sticks. 

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Cheese,Impero,Buffalo Milk Mozzarella (275g)

Buffalo Milk Mozzarella (275g)

The delicate fresh mozarella tastes great on pizza, salads & sandwiches. 

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Cheese,Impero,Mascarpone (200g)

Mascarpone (200g)

A thick, creamy, soft Italian cheese, Mascarpone is used in the Italian coffee trifle tiramisù, cheesecakes, dessert toppings, and in savory sauces to which it adds a distinct rich flavour.

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Cheese,Impero,Scamorza (200g)

Scamorza (200g)

Scamorza can be substituted for mozzarella in most dishes, but the resulting taste will be much stronger and more dominant. It is reputed to melt better in baking. 

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Cheese,Impero,Sour Cream (200g)

Sour Cream (200g)

Sour cream contains no cream at all, and is made primarily from non-fat milk, modified cornstarch, thickeners and flavoring agents. Can be used to make dips & spreads. 

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Cheese,Impero,Pizza Cheese (200g)

Pizza Cheese (200g)

An excellent delicate cheese perfect for making authentic Italian pizza at home. 

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Cheese,Impero,Ricotta (200g)

Ricotta (200g)

Ricotta is creamy white in appearance, slightly sweet in taste, and contain around 13% fat. In this form, it is somewhat similar in texture to some cottage cheese variants, though considerably lighter.

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