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Dried Fruit & Nuts

Dried Fruit & Nuts,NHB Agro,NHB Pine Nut Kernels (deshelled) (100g)

NHB Pine Nut Kernels (deshelled) (100g)

Extremely healthy, and can be added over vegetables, salads, cereals or even baked into bread. Core ingredient for making pesto.

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,Blue Diamond,Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds (170g)

Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds (170g)

When we first heard the idea, we were a little skeptical, too. Then we tried one. Great wasabi kick with a salty, sweet finish. But we still weren't sure, so we tried another one. And then another. Pretty soon the can was gone, so we had to open up a new one. Well, we're still trying them. We're pretty sure we like th

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,Teamaya,Dried Pineapple (150g)

Dried Pineapple (150g)

Sweet and delectable dried pineapple slices that everyone will love! Perfect to adding to cereal or for baking, or just having them out of the bag!

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,Teamaya,Lightly Sweetened Cranberries (150g)

Lightly Sweetened Cranberries (150g)

Treat your taste buds to the sweet, delicious taste of Teamayas’ Dried Cranberries. Great as a snack.

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,Teamaya,Dried Lemon (150g)

Dried Lemon (150g)

All natural lemon slices. A Simply wonderful tart snack. You can also add to beverages suchh as tea or lemonade. A unique and great taste.

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Dry Afghani Apricots with Seed (100g) Small Image

NHB Dry Afghani Apricots with Seed (100g)

Dried apricots are excellent sources of several important nutrients, including dietary fiber, potassium and antioxidant carotenoids.

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Dried Fruit & Nuts,NHB Agro,NHB Turkish Fig Paste (Natural - Pure) (100g)

NHB Turkish Fig Paste (Natural - Pure) (100g)

A delicious paste you can mix in warm oatmeal or muffins or any dessert of your choice. Add a twist in your salad by adding it to a vinagrette dressing. Serve as a spread on crackers on a cheese board.

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