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Seeds,Conscious Foods,Sunflower Seeds (50g)

Sunflower Seeds (50g)

Conscious Food sunflower seeds are a tasty and nutritious snack and an inspiring ingredient in baking and cooking. Why not try adding to them to a fresh summer salad for that extra pick-me-up!

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Conscious Food Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds (200g)

The oil content of these beautiful brown seeds is packed with several health benefits - no wonder flax seeds are considered as one of the must-haves for great health!

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Seeds,Conscious Foods,After Meal Digestive (100G)

After Meal Digestive (100G)

Finally a perfect blend of herbs, seeds, spices and natural sweetener to not only assist in digestion but also full of nutrients to promote good health!

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NHB Dried Pomegranate Seeds (Anardaana) (100g) Lar

NHB Dried Pomegranate Seeds (Anardaana) (100g)

Pomegranate seeds help prevent heart disease–they lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is suggested that these seeds have benefits that could relieve depression and osteoporosis and also support the immune system; and offer the body tremendous anti-cancer effects. These seeds can be used in salads, curries, abd various rice dishes as well.

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Seeds,Meghsons,Herbal Sweet Neem Mixer (200gm)

Herbal Sweet Neem Mixer (200gm)

Meghsons Neem Mixer is an all natural after meal digestive. Contains sweet neem, clove, gulkand and other natural ingredients

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Seeds,Nourish Organics,Active Flax Seeds (200g)

Active Flax Seeds (200g)

Soaking increases the nutrient content and awakens the enzymes to make it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients from these flax seeds. No added salt

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Seeds,Nourish Organics,Active Sunflower Seeds (150g)

Active Sunflower Seeds (150g)

Active Sunflower Seeds are full of flavor. Great to eat and especially beneficial for women of all ages

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Flax Seed Chikki Small Image

Flax Seed Chikki (25g) (12 pcs)

Flaxseed Chikki makes for a great healthy snack - made with flax seeds, jaggery and dry ginger it is all natural !

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Seeds,Conscious Foods,Pumpkin Seeds (Salted) (50g)

Pumpkin Seeds (Salted) (50g)

Pumpkin seeds are a tasty and nutritious snack and as an inspiring ingredient in baking and cooking. Why not try adding them to porridge or over cereal with a teaspoon of honey to kick start your day!

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Seeds,Conscious Foods,Alfalfa Seeds (200g)

Alfalfa Seeds (200g)

Alfalfa seeds make delicious sprouts for salads and sandwiches, also a nutritious tea. 

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Nourish Organic Omega Seed Mix Small Image

Omega Seed Mix (150g)

Deliciously crunchy seed mix (sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, black sesame seed, buckwheat, flax and peanuts) with the goodness of essential fatty acids - makes a perfect snack or salad topping

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Seeds,Satvikk,Grey Chia Seeds (150g)

Grey Chia Seeds (150g)

A blend of black and white chia seeds! Add to your milkshakes, sprinkle over your cereals or even add to salads.

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