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Whether in your favorite pasta, in a bowl of salad or straight out of the jar (our favourite!) olives have become an essential part of our diets! While most of us know them as green or black - these little gems which have been a staple in the Mediterranean for over 5,000 years come in many shapes, colors and delicate flavours!

Olives,Fragata,Fragata Green Olives with a Touch of Andalusia (70g)

Fragata Green Olives with a Touch of Andalusia (70g)

Pitted green Manzanilla Olives with olive oil, garlic and thyme. Snack 'n Olive any where, any time

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Olives,Lindsay (Spain/ USA),Valencia Pitted Spanish Black Olives (170g)

Valencia Pitted Spanish Black Olives (170g)

The American classic, Black olive is plump with a mild, nut-like flavor. If you are looking for something that has a relatively less bitter and tangy taste but still carries the punch that only an olive can - then your search must end here!

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Olives,Fragata,Fragata Spanish Whole Black Olive (450gm)

Fragata Spanish Whole Black Olive (450gm)

Delicious whole black Spanish olives are a great addition to any anti-pasti platter.

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