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Pastas,Garofalo,Garafalo Penne Rigate (500g)

Garafalo Penne Rigate (500g)

Penne Ziti Rigate is a durum wheat pasta shaped like the pen-nib with the characteristic oblique cut. The pasta is extremely versatile and tastes great with a variety of sauces from a simple olive oil dressing to creamy white sauces

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Conchiglie Rigate (500g)

Delverde Conchiglie Rigate (500g)

Inspired by the sea, Conchiglie Rigate pasta is one of the most highly appreciated pastas, thanks to the shape to which any dressing will cling. Highly versatile, it lends itself to all types of recipes. Try it with a chunky sauce or a thick sauce that will envelope itself in this fun shell shaped pasta

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Farafelle (500g)

Delverde Farafelle (500g)

Farfalle, which means “butterfly” in Italian, are rectangular or oval pieces of pasta that are pinched in the middle, with zig zagged edges. Tastes great with any pasta sauce

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Capellini (500g)

Delverde Capellini (500g)

Also known as angel hair, this is the thinnest of all pasta—long, fine, delicate, strands. It is best used with thinner, more delicate tomato-based and broth-based sauces (or simply toss with butter or olive oil). It is used in Asian dishes as well

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Pastas,Garofalo,Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Rigate (500G)

Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Rigate (500G)

The Whole Wheat Penne is made with whole wheat grano duro. Bran is slowly integrated into durum semolina wheat, producing tender, flavorful pasta rich in fibre!

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Pastas,Garofalo,Garofalo Whole Wheat Spaghetti (500G)

Garofalo Whole Wheat Spaghetti (500G)

This whole wheat spaghetti is  made from organic whole wheat semolina. Cooks in approximately 11 minutes. 

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Pastas,Garofalo,Fusilli Tricolori (500G)

Fusilli Tricolori (500G)

Fusilli traditional Italian pasta with tomato and spinach flavors. Tastes good and looks gorgeous too!

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Conchiglioni N. 240 (500g)

Delverde Conchiglioni N. 240 (500g)

Delverde pasta is still produced the traditional way with only the best quality, local ingredients. Carefully selected the finest durum wheat semolina and natural spring water from the verde river. We only use bronze dies for the ideal texture and slowly dry our pasta at low temperatures to maintain all of the wheats nutritional value and genuine taste.

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