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Honey,Honey Twigs,Natural Honey (30 single serve Twigs)

Natural Honey (30 single serve Twigs)

Carry this nutritious natural Honey packed in an intelligent single serve for a quick energy fix or just to sweeten your day!

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Honey,Under The Mango Tree (UTMT),Wild Forest Honey (200G)

Wild Forest Honey (200G)

Mysterious, opaque and dark, this honey collected from the holy forests of Narmada's river valley is complex in taste and texture

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Honey,Under The Mango Tree (UTMT),Tulsi Honey (200g)

Tulsi Honey (200g)

This honey combines the health benefits of honey and Tulsi to increase immunity, strengthen respiratory system and can also be used as a general health tonic

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Honey,Under The Mango Tree (UTMT),Jamun Honey (200gm)

Jamun Honey (200gm)

Obtained by bees from the Indian blackberry plant, this bottle of jamun honey imparts unique flavour and aroma to your sweet dishes. It comes with numerous health benefits, especially for diabetics, and adds flavour to your beverages, milk, pancakes and desserts.

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Honey,Lune De Miel (France),Squeezy Honey (250g)

Squeezy Honey (250g)

A balanced honey with a unique recipe. Enjoy the floral and slightly woody aromas that transport you a place far away with every drop.

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Honey,Lune De Miel (France),Lune de Miel Blossom Honey (Flower Honey) (375g)

Lune de Miel Blossom Honey (Flower Honey) (375g)

The #1 brand of Honey in France and with over 100 years of expertise behind it , This honey is sure to make your tea , meal & drinks super special. These unique blossom honeys, which are produced in the finest agricultural areas, come

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Honey,Lune De Miel (France),Orange Blossom Honey (250g)

Orange Blossom Honey (250g)

This orange blossom honey is fruity with a sweet taste and distinctive tang. This is a pure mono-flower range of honey (from a single flower)

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Honey,Lune De Miel (France),Acacia Honey (250g)

Acacia Honey (250g)

Acacia honey is a clear, liquid and very smooth honey with the sweet flavour of the acacia white flower. This light and smooth honey is ideal for children. Apply on toast or use it to sweeten hot drinks.

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Honey,Lune De Miel (France),Organic Blossom Honey (250g)

Organic Blossom Honey (250g)

The Organic Blossom honey is fruity with a sweet, mild taste. Enjoy this honey over toast or in your tea. 

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Honey,Lune De Miel (France),Organic Acacia Honey (250g)

Organic Acacia Honey (250g)

This Lune de miel organic acacia honey is an organic version of floral honey that is extracted from honey combs, and therefore is extremely healthy and high in quality. Great as a spread, in tea and other beverages & even in baking. 

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New Zealand Clover Honey (250g) Small Image

New Zealand Clover Honey (250g)

High on flavour and nutrition, the delicious Honeyland Clover Honey is a great product to bring home for a healthy lifestyle. A few spoons of this Monofloral Clover Honey can enhance the taste of your milk or cornflakes, making for a great breakfast treat.

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Honey,Honeyland,New Zealand Rewarewa Honey (500gm)

New Zealand Rewarewa Honey (500gm)

Nectar of Rewarewa tree flowers, Rewarewa honey has a beautiful deep reddish amber appearance and produces an intense rich, smooth malt flavor. This classic honey possesses a caramel-like flavour that makes it popular natural sweetener for hot drinks and a spread. It is ideal for both sweet and savoury dishes.

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Honey,Honeyland,New Zealand Tawari Honey (500g)

New Zealand Tawari Honey (500g)

Originating from the creamy white flowers of New Zealand's Tawari trees, this honey has a golden color and a creamy butterscotch flavour. So subtle and mild, it's a perfect chef choice for topping desserts such as pancakes, waffles or ice-cream. Also great on toast.

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