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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Cooking Torch (Blow Torch)

Cooking Torch (Blow Torch)

A professional tool to caramelize the cream, desserts and brown meats. Now you can truly perfect the Creme Brulee to its classic caramelized look and taste.

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Bakeware,Mastrad,Large Macaron Baking Sheet (18 macarons)

Large Macaron Baking Sheet (18 macarons)

The Mastrad Silicone Macaroon Baking Sheet is suitable for sweet or savoury macaroons, meringues, choux pastry, biscuits, cookies etc. The sheet produces 18 x 65mm macaroon shells per sheet Sheet Size - 40cm/15.7"

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Baking Paraphernalia,Rosti,Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

We know that some of those celebrity chefs simply use the shell halves to separate the egg white from the yolk... but there's got to be an awful lot of wastage there, right? Well, here's the tidy way (no bits of shell to contend with) to perfectly have the whites and yolks go their separate ways.&

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