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Baking Paraphernalia,Ghidini,Ghidini Cake Cooler (32cm)

Ghidini Cake Cooler (32cm)

Great for cooling cakes, cookies and other pastry's hot out of the oven

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Baking Paraphernalia,Rosti,Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

Rosti Mepal Egg Separator

We know that some of those celebrity chefs simply use the shell halves to separate the egg white from the yolk... but there's got to be an awful lot of wastage there, right? Well, here's the tidy way (no bits of shell to contend with) to perfectly have the whites and yolks go their separate ways.&

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Baking Paraphernalia,Wilton,Wilton Flower Cut Outs

Wilton Flower Cut Outs

With cut-outs it is easy to make fun 3-D shapes for your fondant cakes and cupcakes. Just roll out the fondant, press down with cut-outs and lift away! Remove shapes with a small spatula.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Silicone Sauce Whisk

Silicone Sauce Whisk

Ideal for whipping thick cake mix, cream and sauces. An extra wire keeps the whisk conveniently attached to the bowl in between use.

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