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Kitchen To Table

Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Waiter's Style Slim Corkscrew - Blue

Waiter's Style Slim Corkscrew - Blue

Ready, set, uncork! Uncork the flavor of any bottle with our traditional and waiter's corkscrews. Find leverage and easy twisting with the large range of corkscrews we offer.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Marty Bendy

Marty Bendy

Meet Marty, your new drinking buddy! Equipped with suction cup feet, he will stick by you so you will never have to drink alone again. Take him with you and he will be the life of the party as he bends over backwards to impress.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,'Grape' Oil and Vinegar Cruet

'Grape' Oil and Vinegar Cruet

A nice addition to any kitchen or table, this cruet serves oil and vinegar from the same bottle! With cork stoppers and a grape-bunch motif, it's the perfect gift for any wine or food lover. 2-in-1 oil & vinegar cruet. Hand-blown glass. 

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Neon Tube Shots (60pc)

Neon Tube Shots (60pc)

Those who are fastidious about buying glassware online of the finest quality should examine this neon themed shot glass set. This will add zing to your drink and is made of plastic. This comes in multiple colors and there are 60 pieces for unlimited enjoyment!            

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Bamboo Appetizer Picks (24 pieces)

Bamboo Appetizer Picks (24 pieces)

Kitchen and dining accessories can be as useful as this set of appetizer picks. This 24 piece set is made of bamboo wood and looks really elegant in brown. 

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Groomsman Hip Flask (180 ml)

Groomsman Hip Flask (180 ml)

The airport can be a long way from home, or the hotel. Carry your favourite drink in this smart flask to accompany you where ever the wheels take you.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Beer & Wine Opener - Black

Beer & Wine Opener - Black

An all in one tool for the renaissance drinker. Includes corkscrew, bottle opener, foil cutter and church key. Be the handy man at the party. Imprintable handle.       

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Red Winged Corkscrew

Red Winged Corkscrew

Our glossy red, wingedecorkscrew has lever arms, and an all metal construction to make getting to the good stuff that much easier. A bottle opener is built in as well, making this your go-to tool.  

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Bottle Bubble Freeze - Clear

Bottle Bubble Freeze - Clear

Chill your wine on the go with the Bottle Bubble Freeze! Simply freeze the bag, insert your bottle, and enjoy!

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Retro Stripes Wine Bottle Cooler Pack

Retro Stripes Wine Bottle Cooler Pack

The velcro allows for a snug seal around your bottleAllowing you to quickly. Easily keep your wine chilled.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Host Chill Cooling Pour Spout - Blue

Host Chill Cooling Pour Spout - Blue

Cool, pour and preserve with the CHILL. After just two hours in the freezer, your CHILL is ready to do the hard work for you. Simply insert the cooling pour spout, and pour through it to enjoy perfectly chilled wine!       

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Wine Globe Classic Aerating Pourer

Wine Globe Classic Aerating Pourer

Pour your expensive wine drip-free this aerating pourer.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Citrus Reamer

Citrus Reamer

This citrus reamer allows for quick and easy citrus juice extraction. It has a comfortable grip handle that further eases the process. It comes in a vibrant green-white color combination.          

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Congrats! Applique (GIFT BAG)

Congrats! Applique (GIFT BAG)

Here is a trick to make any party classy. Fun! Bring a basket full of happiness. Bottle of wine or champagne in this fancy printed gift bag to go with it. Watch the occasion turn into a celebration in no time.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Cocktails Napkins (Set of 20)

Cocktails Napkins (Set of 20)

These colorful napkins are the perfect complement to any glass, and are a great way to liven up your next cocktail party. 

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Croc Wine Purse (GIFT BAG)

Croc Wine Purse (GIFT BAG)

Give the fashionista in your life a bottle of wine in a bag they can relate to! These fun and flirty bags feature gold metal handles, and gold foil and gold stud accents. The unique designs look like real leather and fabric!

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Congrats! (GIFT BAG)

Congrats! (GIFT BAG)

Indulging in gift bags is sometimes a passion for many of us and this bag gives you the perfect chance! Made of paper, this looks unique in its shade of copper.    

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Smash Wooden Cocktail Muddler

Smash Wooden Cocktail Muddler

Tall and natural muddler seeks fresh juicy produce to crush on. Our saw-tooth muddler is the tool you have been searching for. The long handle allows you to muddle in a tall glass or tin. Use mint, limes, cherries, or a creative combination to make any cocktail burst with love.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Tropical Drink Umbrellas (Set of 12)

Tropical Drink Umbrellas (Set of 12)

Make every day a party with our colourful cocktail umbrellas. Decorate your drink with this set of 12.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Glacier Rocks -9 Piece Set

Glacier Rocks -9 Piece Set

Your drink is served on the rocks!

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Vino Cheeseboard (Made of Glass)

Vino Cheeseboard (Made of Glass)

Slice it or cut it into cubes. Serve up your favourite cheese bites in this cheese board cum server. Make sure they look as yummilitious as they taste with olives. 

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Polka Dot Hip Flask (180 ml)

Polka Dot Hip Flask (180 ml)

The airport can be a long way from home, or the hotel. Carry your favourite drink in this smart flask to accompany you where ever the wheels take you.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Stainless Steel Double Jigger

Stainless Steel Double Jigger

True Vino - Double Jigger Our stainless steel double jigger features measurement labels for the cocktail amateur.    

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Aerating Pour Spout

Aerating Pour Spout

This pourer sports a stylish clear body along with a black base. Constructed from high quality acrylic and rubber, this product offers utmost durability. It is easy to clean and convenient to use. Attach the pourer on top of your wine bottle. Tilt the wine bottle and slowly pour out the wine into a glass. The bouquet and flavour of the wine is improved by this process. Cheers to a

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Kitchen To Table,True Vino,Bottle Barrel (Gift Box)

Bottle Barrel (Gift Box)

Here is a trick to make any party classy, Fun! Bring a basket full of happiness. Bottle of wine or champagne in this fancy wooden gift box to go with it. Watch the occasion turn into a celebration in no time

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,True Vino Bottle Pens -Gold and Silver

True Vino Bottle Pens -Gold and Silver

These bottle writing pens come in a set of 2 in silver and gold color. As normal pens and markers do not work on bottles, these pens are specifically designed to write on bottles. They can be used on a bottle either to write a message for gifting it or to mark it.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,True Vino Champagne Flute Glasses (Set of 6)

True Vino Champagne Flute Glasses (Set of 6)

This classic champagne flute holds 200 ml and comes in a designer gift box. Ideal for serving champagne and sparkling wines.

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Kitchen To Table,Truevino,Farmhouse Stein Mason Jar Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Farmhouse Stein Mason Jar Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Fancy Mason jar? Get them as shot glasses now and get all your friends curious!

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Ghidini Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Scooper

Hand held mechanical ice cream scoop

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Kitchen To Table,Chefn (USA),Fresh Force Lime Juicer

Fresh Force Lime Juicer

The Chefn FRESH FORCE Lime juicer, Simply place half of the fruit in the strainer, the inset and off you go.

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Butter Dish

Butter Dish

The practical and elegant way to store butter. Made of quality scratch proof plastic that can resist high temperatures and can be used indoors and out

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Ice Spoon Mould

Ice Spoon Mould

A funky new ice tray ideal for mixing cocktails or refreshing the bottles and decanters as ice slips easily into the bottle necks. Who knew a spoon could double up as a mixer and ice!

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Mastrad Chocolate Fondue Set (Red Colour)

Mastrad Chocolate Fondue Set (Red Colour)

Pour melted chocolate that is still warm into the fondue bowl. Use the fondue forks to dip fresh fruits, marshmallows, sweets, cakes, dried fruit, brioche...into the chocolate. Go ahead and indulge yourself. Dont forget to put a little tea light candle under the pot to keep the chocolate warm. Sets the mood for a quiet night in.

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Kitchen To Table,Fred & Friends (USA),Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

Get your friends (ship) wrecked in style with these hilarious silicone ice trays. The icebergs will stay afloat, the ship will sink, and your drinks will be smash hit!

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Kitchen To Table,Rotho,Ice Cube Dispenser (Diamond Shaped)

Ice Cube Dispenser (Diamond Shaped)

Delight your guests by adding diamond shaped ice cubes to their drinks! 

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Salad Tongs

Salad Tongs

Ideal for mixing and serving salad Use together as tongs, or seaparte into two handy spoonsfor stirring, serving and straining.Graduated spoon can be used for measuring ingredients. Indented handle extension perfect for measuring a pinch of salt, pepper or spices. Ergonomic, can be used right or left handed. 

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