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Used to having your tea with milk? Then black tea should be your choice. The teas below range from the strongly-flavored connoiseurs favorite smoky Lapsang Souchong to the light Darjeeling tea. Prefer something fruity? Pick one of the fruity teas like strawberry & kiwi from Basilur. Good ol chai? Masala chai, Cardamom or lemon black tea is the one for you

Black Tea,Tea Trunk,Tea Trunk Vanilla Black Tea (15 tea bags)

Tea Trunk Vanilla Black Tea (15 tea bags)

A premium dessert tea that is as sinful as it is healthy. This is a unique blend of two tea varieties from the north and south of India: the robust Assam and the delicately fragrant Nilgiri. Combined with real vanilla beans, the complex flavors of this tea merge beautifully to yield a naturally sweet and aromatic brew. If you thought vanilla was plain, well, think again!

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Speciality Tea,Chado,Lapsang Souchong Superior (100g)

Lapsang Souchong Superior (100g)

Lapsang Souchang is a black tea from China. Traditionally smoked over pine woods. (also sometimes known as Russian Caravan tea) has a famously smoky aroma and flavor. To create this, tea leaves are dried in bamboo basket over pine fires, achieving a perfect balance of smoke and tea flavor.

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Organic Earl Grey Tea Bags (50g) small image

Clipper Organic Earl Grey Tea (25 tea bags)

A high quality tea which is both light & refreshing with the distinctive citrus flavour of bergamot.

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Organic Tea,Clipper UK,Organic English Breakfast Tea (62.5g)

Organic English Breakfast Tea (62.5g)

Clipper's extremely special blend of the finest Organic Assam and Ceylon teas has a full, refreshing flavour that's welcome at any time of day.

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Speciality Tea,Exalte,Exalté  Ayurvedic Anti Stress Tea (100g)

Exalté Ayurvedic Anti Stress Tea (100g)

The rich and sweet aroma of this Ayurvedic Anti-Stress Tea makes this one an ideal blend for anyone looking for a relaxing experience. A black tea blend with herbs. 

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Black Tea,Tea Trails,Tea Trails Darjeeling Black Tea (50g)

Tea Trails Darjeeling Black Tea (50g)

A handcrafted exotic tea from Darjeeling's highest peaks, this is second flush Darjeeling made from clonal bushes at high elevations

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Black Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Lemon Demon (50g)

Lemon Demon (50g)

Lemon Demon - Exotic Whole Leaf Black Tea

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Black Tea,Tea Trunk,Tea Trunk Chilli Chai - Black Tea (100g in Tea Bags)

Tea Trunk Chilli Chai - Black Tea (100g in Tea Bags)

Your favorite masala tea blended with Indian spices and a hint of red chilli flakes.

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Black Tea,Newby (UK),Newby Earl Grey (50g)

Newby Earl Grey (50g)

A full-bodied black tea with bright cup married with the sweet fragrance and natural citrus flavour of the ripe bergamot orange

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Black Tea,Newby (UK),Newby English breakfast Black Tea (50g)

Newby English breakfast Black Tea (50g)

First made famous by Queen Victoria and now recognized around the world as the most popular black tea, English Breakfast is the classic morning brew, a robust blend traditionally served with milk.

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Darjeeling Black Tea Small Image

Newby Darjeeling Black Tea (50g)

The steep slopes of the Himalayas inch their way upwards to yield a tea as elevated as the Darjeeling region itself. 

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Black Tea,Newby (UK),Newby Masala Chai (50g)

Newby Masala Chai (50g)

Our traditional spiced tea is spreading world over and is brought with Newby quality in this pack. Finest black Assam tea forms a strong rich, malty brew with various added spices. A fragrant ans aromatic blend with exotic spiced notes and a warming aftertaste 

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Black Tea,Sublime,Seventh Heaven Fruity Black Tea (25 Tea Bags)

Seventh Heaven Fruity Black Tea (25 Tea Bags)

This tea is composed of very select high-grown Nilgiri Black Tea Leaves that have been infused with natural aromas and freeze dried tropical fruit. The tea thus has a wonderful fruity bouquet and a pleasing aroma. With the strength of the black tea underlying the flavours of fruit, you get to enjoy a drink that is as invigorating as it is wholesome.

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Black Tea,Mlesna,Mlesna Lemon Tea (100g)

Mlesna Lemon Tea (100g)

A fine pure Ceylon black tea with natural flavour extracts. Contains 50 tea bags.

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