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Each of the Green Teas in our collection are hand-picked for their excellent quality & taste. Find your favorites from Lemon Green Tea to Fruity Green Teas or Specialties like Matcha Green Tea Powder. 


Green Tea,Organic India,Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea (18 Infusion Bags)

Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea (18 Infusion Bags)

Combine rich and flavorful Tulsi leaves with the soft fragrance of real rose petals, add some subtle spice and here you have a teatime experience sure to make you smile. It is naturally sweet, just boiling water and instantly you will enjoy.

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Tulsi Jasmine Green tea (18' infusion bag) small i

Tulsi Jasmine Green tea (18' infusion bags)

This dynamic combination of health enhancing Queen of Herbs tulsi, premium green tea and fragrant jasmine flowers with a touch of ginger and chamomile create a totally delicious and uplifting tea experience and energy boost.

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Green Tea,Mlesna,Chinese Green Tea (100g)

Chinese Green Tea (100g)

A mellow green tea prepared according to the traditional Chinese methods using fresh Camellia Sinensis (tea leaves), processed to give you this fine pure herbal tea!

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Green Tea,Mlesna,Strawberry Green Tea (100g)

Strawberry Green Tea (100g)

A delicious combination of fine green tea and strawberry extracts! We recommend having this tea over ice!

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Green Tea,Mlesna,Blueberry Green Tea (100g)

Blueberry Green Tea (100g)

A double dose of anti-oxidants with the blueberry extracts and green tea! Delicious and healthy! We love this tea over ice!

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Green Tea,Newby (UK),Jasmine Blossom (50g)

Jasmine Blossom (50g)

This popular green tea is scented with the richly fragrant night-flowering jasmine. Newby’s Jasmine Blossom has a light honey yellow hue & the exquisite fragrance of the jasmine flower. Smooth and delicate with a lasting sweet, floral fragrance

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Ancient Remedy Green Tea small image

Ancient Remedy Green Tea (20 tea bags)

Tulsi has been used in ancient therapies for the past 5000 years to cure a wide variety of ailments. We bring to you a therapeutic blend of this wonder herb, green tea and mint leaves to help you chase all your stresses away.

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Flower Power Green small image

Flower Power Green Tea (20 tea bags)

Let the heady aroma of rose fill your nostrils as the hibiscus strengthens your immune system to take on everything in your way. The tartness of hibiscus beautifully balances the sweetness of rose in this signature blend.

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Strawberry Kisses Green Tea Small image

Strawberry Kisses Green Tea (20 tea bags)

Strawberries and nostalgia often go hand in hand and can there be a memory more potent than that of your first kiss? Sit back and reminisce as the familiar aroma and delicious taste of this green tea blend takes you on a delightful trip down memory lane.

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Chinese Whispers Green Tea Small image

Chinese Whispers Green Tea (20 tea bags)

Invoke magic with this subtly sweet and fragrant blend of real jasmine flowers with green tea. With its anti-oxidant and calming properties, this tea is nothing short of your own Magic Lamp.

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Green Tea with Lemon (20 tea bags) Small Image

Lemon Green Tea (20 tea bags)

A refreshing and healing combination of lemon flavoured whole leaf premium green tea. It is flavoured naturally with real lemon peel and natural citrus flavour. It is a great immunity booster as well. Can be consumed iced, as well as warm. Also, Lemon increases the absorption of the anti-oxidants in green tea by upto 6 times!

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Green Tea Earl Grey (20 tea bags) Small Image

Earl Grey Green Tea (20 tea bags)

A take on the classic Earl Grey combines all the flavour and aroma of bergamot, with the goodness of whole leaf green tea. Have a royal start to your day! Great as a morning jump-starter. Can be had iced as well as warm. Enjoy the distinctive citrus aroma and flavour of the classic aristocratic blend; just this time with all the benifits of green tea!

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Herbal Moroccan Mint Tea Small image

Herbal Moroccan Mint Tea (20 tea bags)

A delicious caffeine-free blend inspired by the souks of Marrakeh. The refreshing flavour of mint is artfully combined with the sweetness of cinnamon and a hint of chicory and licorice to give you a unique herbal infusion. Great as a digestive. Can be had iced as well as warm. Its fresh, cool taste is dangerously addictive!

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Green Tea,Sprig,Japanese Golden Matcha  (50gm) with Handcrafted Chashaku

Japanese Golden Matcha (50gm) with Handcrafted Chashaku

Golden Matcha is the better green tea. It is crafted from the nutrient-rich juice of fresh green tea leaves. A product of ancient Japanese wisdom and modern science, this antioxidant powerhouse has twice the amount of polyphenols as regular green tea. Guess what, it tastes great too!

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Speciality Tea,Chado,Japanese Matcha (Pouch) (30g)

Japanese Matcha (Pouch) (30g)

Matcha is fine Japanese green tea powder. The Matcha powder can be used to make green tea drinks  green tea ice cream and in baking for a green tea flavor.

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Organic Tea,Clipper UK,Organic Green Tea (50g)

Organic Green Tea (50g)

A light, refreshing blend of green tea. Perfect to begin the day with or to sip during the day

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Green Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Matcha Green Tea Powder (50g)

Matcha Green Tea Powder (50g)

Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea powder that is a powerful source of anti-oxidants.

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