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Oolong tea also known as wulong tea, is a traditional Chinese tea that is produced through a unique process that includes withering under the strong sun. Popularly refered to as "slimming teas" these teas have a complex unique taste. Best had without milk, try a plain oolong or one blended with rose buds. Oolong is a must-try if you love tea!

Oolong Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Spicy Mandarin Oolong Tea (50g)

Spicy Mandarin Oolong Tea (50g)

They marry quietly in a bubbling pot, the citrus punch of mandarin and the earthy notes of tea. A handful of spices later, a kettleful of this signature blend of spicy mandarin tea is born. In the gold-kissed brew you’ll find the sweet taste of mandarins mingling harmoniously with the sharp hit of traditional spices.

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Tea Trunk Rose Oolong Tea Small Image

Tea Trunk Rose Oolong Tea (loose leaf)

What do you call a tea that burns body fat, soothes your digestive system, and is excellent for your skin? Well, in ancient Chinese medicine the olong was called "the tea of beauty." Brew some matured, semi-fermented oolong tea leaves along with real rose buds and petals, and what you get is the most sublime potion of youth: luxurious, decadent, and simply irresistable. That's Rose Oolong for you

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Oolong Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Exotic Whole Leaf Oolong Tea (50g)

Exotic Whole Leaf Oolong Tea (50g)

Earthy, sweet and delicate, this Chinese favorite has found fans around the world.

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