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Speciality Tea

Speciality Tea,Exalte,Exalté Apple Cinnamon Sangria (50g)

Exalté Apple Cinnamon Sangria (50g)

A delicious blend of Darjeeling green tea with the goodness of Apple and flavourful cinnamon

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Speciality Tea,Exalte,Exalté Crimson Twist Pomegranate Green Tea (50g)

Exalté Crimson Twist Pomegranate Green Tea (50g)

Natural healthy pomegranate kernels combined with the incomparable burst of distinctive Darjeeling flavour that comes from the rich soil of the enchanted land where this tea grows. A real treat for tea lovers.

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Speciality Tea,Gardner Street,Detox Tea (20 Tea Bags)

Detox Tea (20 Tea Bags)

This healing combination of ginger and lemongrass is sure to leave you spa fresh and energized to take on the day. Taste the difference with real lemongrass and ginger bits.

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Everyday Fairtrade Tea (62.5g) samll image

Clipper Fairtrade Everyday Tea (25 tea bags)

A bright and robust tea that delivers a full bodied flavour, great for your first cup and all through the day. Blended from fine FAIRTRADE certified estates in India, Africa and Sri Lanka.

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Speciality Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Puer Tea (50g)

Puer Tea (50g)

Pu-Er Tea is a variety of a fermented dark tea produced in Yunnan province in China. The tea is known to have several medicinal benefits. 

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Organic Decaffeinated Tea (62.5g) small image

Organic Decaffeinated Tea (62.5g)

A fine organic Assam tea, specially selected to retain a full flavour after decaffeination.

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Speciality Tea,Tea Culture of the World,Special Edition Tea Japanese Collection

Special Edition Tea Japanese Collection

A collection of Japanese Teas set in a beautiful box. Perfect for gifting.

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