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Mustards,Tracklement (UK),Wholegrain Mustard (140g)

Wholegrain Mustard (140g)

This robust, wholegrain mustard is made with of brown and yellow mustard seeds which are ground with spices to retain the essential oils. Try adding a spoonful to mashed potatoes or cheese

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Mustards,Delouis Fils (France),Grain Mustard with Cider Vinegar (200 gm)

Grain Mustard with Cider Vinegar (200 gm)

Grain mustard with cider vinegar is perfect to add depth and flavor to sauces. It can also be used as a vinaigrette!

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Mustards,Delouis Fils (France),Mustard with Figs (100g)

Mustard with Figs (100g)

Made with real figs this mustard pairs best with steak or grilled meats. Coming from Burgundy, the mustard seeds used to make this mustard are soaked in verjuice before use. This process gives a tasteful and and delicate mustard, without any additives and preservatives. 

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Mustards,Delouis Fils (France),Mustard with 4 Red Fruits (100g)

Mustard with 4 Red Fruits (100g)

The sharp bite of mustard mixed with the subtle sweetness of fruits, juiced up with some red wine and red wine vinegar, make this mustard make this a must-have in your pantry - use it as a seasoning, in sauces, salads or as a dip

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Delouis fils Champsac Mustard Small Image

Delouis fils Champsac Mustard (100gms)

Produced using only the essential ingredients, this is a straightforward yet brilliantly conceived mustard. Add it to sauces for enhanced depth and richness.

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