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Pickled & Preserved Veggies

Pickled veggies from onions and gherkins to sun-dried tomatoes and capers are absolute must-haves in your pantry at all times!

Specialty Sauces & Spreads

A wide range of sauces, dips & spreads great in recipes or as accompaniments to your gourmet creations!

Spices & Seasonings

Spices & Seasonings from the common sea salt to gourmet fleur de sels & spice mixes add balance & aroma to your cooking

Dried Mushrooms

Perfect to add intense flavor to your broths, pastas & more! For a quick-fix, just toss them up in some butter for a healthy, satisfying meal!


Mustard is the humble star of the kitchen cupboard adding depth & a lick of heat to a huge range of dishes and also make an excellent dressing

Oils & Vinegars

Stock up on must-haves such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil or experiment with truffle infused olive oils & more