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Mexican,Epicure,Epicure Organic Red Kidney Beans (400g)

Epicure Organic Red Kidney Beans (400g)

Most commonly known for their use in Mexican recipes. Provides extra flavour and texture. Used in chilli corn carne, casseroles, soups and bean salads.

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Sprig Mexican Chili Ancho Powder Small Image

Mexican Chili Ancho Powder (25g)

One of the most widely used peppers in Mexican cuisine

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Sprig Mexican Chili Guajillo Powder Small Image

Mexican Chili Guajillo Powder (25g)

Guajillo balances spiciness, tanginess, slight smokiness and warm flavours.

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Sprig Mexican Chili Pasilla Powder Small Image

Mexican Chili Pasilla Powder (25g)

These have a very mild, pungent & tangy taste

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Sprig Mexican Chili Chipotle Powder Small Image

Mexican Chili Chipotle Powder (25g)

The kings of Mexican chilli peppers, the spiciest of the chilies

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Mexican,Discovery,Yellow Jalapenos (200g)

Yellow Jalapenos (200g)

Yellow jalapenos could be just what you’re looking for. They’re a sweet, mild version of traditional jalapenos and work beautifully in fajitas, wraps, burritos and tacos. They also add a splash of colour to your nachos, pizzas and salads.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Sour Cream Topping Mild (280g)

Discovery Sour Cream Topping Mild (280g)

Brings a cool touch to chilli, fajitas and nachos. Serve chilled. Discovery has spent years perfecting this soured cream that stays fresh in the cupboard for whenever that Mexican moment hits.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce (340g)

Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce (340g)

A rich tomato, paprika and black pepper sauce & Mexican seasoning to make perfect enchiladas

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

All the seasoning, vegetables & salsa you need. Just add chicken to make perfect fajitas.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Cajun Season & Sauce (382g)

Discovery Cajun Season & Sauce (382g)

A warm creamy sauce made with cajun spices and chunky vegetables  Just add chicken and serve with rice for a mid-week meal of Cajun Chicken.

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