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Mexican,Epicure,Epicure Organic Red Kidney Beans (400g)

Epicure Organic Red Kidney Beans (400g)

Most commonly known for their use in Mexican recipes. Provides extra flavour and texture. Used in chilli corn carne, casseroles, soups and bean salads.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Taco Salsa Sauce Hot (235g)

Old El Paso Taco Salsa Sauce Hot (235g)

Hot and tangy jalepeno peppers are added to juicy tomatos and a hint of onions to give this smooth taco salsa a fiery kick. Spoon it over your favorite taco filling and bite into that crunch!

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Taco Salsa Mild (235g)

Old El Paso Taco Salsa Mild (235g)

A delicious combination of juicy tomatoes, a hint of tasty onions and mild green chilies to create a mouth-wateringly smooth salsa just for tacos.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Thick 'n' Chunky Salsa Mild (226g)

Old El Paso Thick 'n' Chunky Salsa Mild (226g)

Juicy tomatoes, tasty onions and mild guajillo peppers create this mouth-watering thick 'n' chunky salsa. Tastes great with fajitas and burritos and is a great dip with nachos.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Refried Beans Mild(415g)

Discovery Refried Beans Mild(415g)

Pinto beans blended with onion. What they lack in beauty they more than make up in flavour. Beans play a crucial role in the cooking of Mexico and Latin America. Perfect for filling tacos, topping nachos and as a delicious accompaniment to fajitas.

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Mexican,Old El Paso,Old El Paso Enchilada Cooking Sauce Mild (395g)

Old El Paso Enchilada Cooking Sauce Mild (395g)

Tangy and sweet red guajillo peppers sweet garlic, juicy tomatoes and rich crea are blended to create the ultimate enchilada cooking sauce.

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Mexican,Discovery,Guacamole (290g)

Guacamole (290g)

A creamy avacado dip with a tangy lick of lime & jalapeno. Cupboard ready for that Mexican moment. Perfect to accompany all sorts of mexican dishes or just as a dip by itself. Try in on fajitas or even over your nachos! We love it as a dip with fresh cucumbers as well!

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Sour Cream Topping Mild (280g)

Discovery Sour Cream Topping Mild (280g)

Brings a cool touch to chilli, fajitas and nachos. Serve chilled. Discovery has spent years perfecting this soured cream that stays fresh in the cupboard for whenever that Mexican moment hits.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce (340g)

Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce (340g)

A rich tomato, paprika and black pepper sauce & Mexican seasoning to make perfect enchiladas

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

All the seasoning, vegetables & salsa you need. Just add chicken to make perfect fajitas.

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Hot Chilli Seasons & Sauce small image

Hot Chilli Seasons & Sauce (382gm)

Texas and Mexico where the cuisines of two cultures combine to form this distinctive, hot, sweet and rich bean flavour. Use it to create a delicious chilli con carne or serve as a dip with tortilla chips and your own late night tales! Gluten & Wheat Free.

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Nacho Cheese Sauce (300g) Small Image

Nacho Cheese Sauce (300g)

Squeeze this nacho cheese sauce over a plate of tortilla chips and microwave for 20-30 seconds. You'll have a hot, tasty, plate of cheesy nachos in front of you. Serve heated. Gluten and Wheat free. Suitable for vegetarians as well.

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