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Pastas,Colavita,Colavita Fusilli Pasta (500g)

Colavita Fusilli Pasta (500g)

Relish the long and slender shaped Colavita Fusilli Pasta that is made from 100% durum wheat semolina.

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Pastas,Colavita,Penne Rigate (500g)

Penne Rigate (500g)

This specialty pasta is produced with carefully selected durum wheat semolina.

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Linguine (500G)

Delverde Linguine (500G)

An artisanal pasta at its finest, Linguine has a long, rough surface that is often paired with light sauces.  Cooking time- 6 minutes

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Farafelle (500g)

Delverde Farafelle (500g)

Farfalle, which means “butterfly” in Italian, are rectangular or oval pieces of pasta that are pinched in the middle, with zig zagged edges. Tastes great with any pasta sauce

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Farina '00' Flour (1000g)

Delverde Farina '00' Flour (1000g)

Highest quality "00" Italian flour suitable for all sorts of meals ranging from starters to desserts. Ideal for making pasta

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Rigatoni Pasta (500g)

Delverde Rigatoni Pasta (500g)

Delverde pasta is still produced the traditional way with only the best quality, local ingredients. Carefully selected the finest durum wheat semolina and natural spring water from the verde river. We only use bronze dies for the ideal texture and slowly dry our pasta at low temperatures to maintain all of the wheats nutritional value and genuine taste.

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Pastas,Delverde,Stelline Star-Shaped Pasta (500g)

Stelline Star-Shaped Pasta (500g)

A classic in the world of pasta soup shapes and ideal to be enjoyed in a broth. Every child in Italy grew up eating Stelline, prepared by parents to introduce them to the delicious pasta world.

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Pastas,Delverde,Delverde Pappardelle (250g)

Delverde Pappardelle (250g)

Delverde's passion is to create high quality pasta using the perfect combination of old traditions and modern technology. Similarly the papperdelle - a wide flat ribbon pasta dried in nests, combines all the goodness and richness of the best ingredients.

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