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Rosella Flowers in Syrup Small Image

Rosella Flowers in Syrup (250g)

Rosella Flower can be used by putting  a flower in a long stemmed glass topped with champagne, or a sparkling wine. Add a little syrup from the jar if you desire for colour or taste. They are delicious with sparkling water. Let the bubbles  do the work.

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Syrups & Beverages,Daylicious,Rosella Syrup Concentrate (100% Natural) (1lt)

Rosella Syrup Concentrate (100% Natural) (1lt)

Rosella Syrup is made from handpicked Hibiscus Flowers, grown in Malaysia on our farms using organic principles and picked by hand at the peak of the season. The flowers are carefully selected, cored and cooked with spring filtered water and cane sugar. After cooking, the syrup is filtered, resulting in smooth hibiscus syrup. No added ascorbic acid and pesticide free just natural flowers making it 100% natura

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