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Food Preparaion

Food Preparation,Hansells,Yoghurt Maker

Yoghurt Maker

Make fresh yoghurt in 3 easy steps at home with Hansells Yoghurt Maker. Makes 1x 1kg or 2x 500g of fresh yoghurt. 

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Ghidini Herb Scissors Small image

Ghidini Herb Scissors

Cut all your aromatic herbs 5 times quicker! 5 High quality stainless steel blades with 1 handle for perfect ease. Fitted with a serrated section,

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Food Preparation,DCI,Magnetic Clip with Spoon

Magnetic Clip with Spoon

Close and conserve the contents of your open bag: chips, nibbles, cakes, snacks, candy, sweets, etc. Say goodbye to worries over finishing your chips packets

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Junior Ware

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Kitchen To Table

Ghidini Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Scooper

Hand held mechanical ice cream scoop

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Tea & Coffee Accessories

Tea And Coffee Accessories,Chado,FINUM - Bistro System 280 ml

FINUM - Bistro System 280 ml

Bistro System offers you a very individual way to enjoy your tea.

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Tea And Coffee Accessories,Chado,FINUM - Size Slim 100 Tea Filters

FINUM - Size Slim 100 Tea Filters

Finum Tea Filters are made from Abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fibers, guaranteeing true-flavor filtering.

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Steepware Tuffy Tea & Coffee Steeper Small Image

Tuffy Tea & Coffee Steeper

Easy to use, travel-friendly silicone steeper

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Tea And Coffee Accessories,Finum,Finum Brewing Basket for Tea or Coffee

Finum Brewing Basket for Tea or Coffee

The finum brewing basket is a convenient way to brew tea or coffee in your cup! Great for use at office or even at home for a great cup of loose leaf tea or coffee. Suitable for mugs or tea pots with diameter of 65-95m

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