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Food Preparation to Table

Food Preparation,Mastrad,Onion Storage Bag (1.7gk)

Onion Storage Bag (1.7gk)

Conveniently stores and preserves onions in a safe fashion. Prevents garlic smell from entering other fruits and veggies.

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Food Preparation,ChefN,Steam Sum Stacking Steamer

Steam Sum Stacking Steamer

Chef 'n's innovative Steam Sum stacking steamer raises the bar on food steaming. The Steam sum works on the stovetop, wok or in a microwave. Divided trays mean fish, vegetables, pot stickers and dim sum can be cooked at the same time, in minutes.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Universal Mixer

Universal Mixer

Easily mix marinades, salad dressings, frothy drinks and more-create healthy mixes at home. Easy to use: unscrew lid, add ingredients, put lid on and lift handle up and down to activate the mixer.

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Food Preparation,ChefN,Buttercup Butter Maker

Buttercup Butter Maker

Make butter better by making it at home with quality ingredients. All you need is cream, salt and the Buttercup™ Butter Maker. Shake until butter separates, rinse and repeat. Then follow our recipes or one of your own. Make lemon herb for fish or vegetables, honey butter for homemade rolls or roasted garlic butter for topping a steak. That’s what we call better butter!

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mini Pies & Ravioli Kit

Mini Pies & Ravioli Kit

Ravioli and Pastry Bites/Mini Pie Kit by Mastrad. Everything you need to create ravioli, tortellini, dumplings, pastries, turnovers, empanadas and more.

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Cocktails Pics - (assorted colors) Small Image

Cocktails Pics (Assorted Colors)

Cocktail hour just got more fun with the Mastrad muddler-straw set. Each muddler's job is three-fold: it acts as a personal pestle, allowing guests to grind ingredients right in their own glass, it is a swizzle stick for stirring, and a straw! the set of 6 muddler-straws includes one straw in a bold, cheerful color, so each guest can identify his or her drink. Get the party started with these fun, unique mudd

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Flavor and oil mister Small Image

Flavor and Oil Mister

Kitchen spray allows oil to be flavoured with herbs or chilli peppers without the mister becoming clogged.

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Mincer Small Image

Mini Mincer

Turn and it's minced! Mince fast with no odours or tears caused by onions, garlic and shalottes.

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Deco Veggie Peeler Small Image

Deco Veggie Peeler

A fun, easy way to enjoy vegetables; replace your favorite pasta with a flavorful vegetable alternative.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Egg Cooker Set

Mastrad Egg Cooker Set

Mastering the perfect poached egg can be quite tricky. The clever people at Mastrad have come up with an easy solution, the Mastrad egg poacher.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Egg Poacher Cooker

Mastrad Egg Poacher Cooker

Immerse the egg poacher carrousel in boiling water seasoned with vinegar & get perfect, delicious poached eggs in minutes !

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Garlic Storage Bag (900g)

Mastrad Garlic Storage Bag (900g)

Conveniently stores and preserves garlic in a safe fashion. Prevents garlic smell from entering other fruits and veggies. 

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Potato Storage Bag (3.5kg)

Mastrad Potato Storage Bag (3.5kg)

Conveniently stores and preserves potatoes in a safe fashion. Double-drawstring design makes it easy to add vegetables at the top and remove from the bottom as needed.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Kitchen Lighter With Flexible Head

Mastrad Kitchen Lighter With Flexible Head

With its flexible head, this kitchen lighter is perfect for lighting ovens, candles, BBQs, chimneys in total safety !

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Silicone Square Pot Holder

Mastrad Silicone Square Pot Holder

100% silicone with non-slip ridges for increased grip  

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Set of 6 Stirers in Glass

Mastrad Set of 6 Stirers in Glass

With this cocktail sticks can you cocktails a cheerful touch. And your snacks, because even if they do very little stick good service.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Glass Markers (Set of 12)

Mastrad Glass Markers (Set of 12)

Colorfull drink accessories attach to the rim of base to keep track of wine, champagne or coktail glasses. Never lose your drink again ! 

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Dual Grinder

Mastrad Dual Grinder

Durable ceramic crusher. Use with sea salt, pepper corns or spices.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Mortar & pestle

Mastrad Mortar & pestle

Sturdy stainless steel design grinds herbs and spices aff oll kinds - whether for cooking or cocktails.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Mastrad Brush & Basters

Mastrad Brush & Basters

Suction, baste and brush with one handy tool. Safety suction or fill with hot liquids such as melted butter and chocolate.

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Food Preparation,ROSTI,Rosti Trivit

Rosti Trivit "Plus" - Eos lime

The soft silicone feet are heat-resistant up to 220-Degree celsius.Should you have a very large pot you should use more than one trivet.

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Food Preparation,ROSTI,Rosti Trivit Domino

Rosti Trivit Domino

The soft silicone feet are heat-resistant up to 220-Degree celsius.Should you have a very large pot you should use more than one trivet.

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Food Preparation,ChefN,ChefN Corn Cob Holders - (4pcs) Lemon

ChefN Corn Cob Holders - (4pcs) Lemon

The face-covered-in-corn thing you’ve got going on? That’s a good look for you.

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This-N-That *NEW*,Mastrad,Mastrad Ice Cream Scoop

Mastrad Ice Cream Scoop

Soft press releases ice cream with push of the thumb. Comfort grip. One-piece construction, no breakable parts.

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Ghidini Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Scooper

Hand held mechanical ice cream scoop

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Ghidini Herb Scissors Small image

Ghidini Herb Scissors

Cut all your aromatic herbs 5 times quicker! 5 High quality stainless steel blades with 1 handle for perfect ease. Fitted with a serrated section,

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Kitchen To Table,Chefn (USA),Fresh Force Lime Juicer

Fresh Force Lime Juicer

The Chefn FRESH FORCE Lime juicer, Simply place half of the fruit in the strainer, the inset and off you go.

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,ZipFlip Flex Turner - Black/Stainless

ZipFlip Flex Turner - Black/Stainless

One part ultra-flexible stainless steel turner, one part silicone spatula. The super-flexible stainless steel turner is perfect for delicate foods like crepes and eggs, while the spatula end is great for spreading on your favorite toppings. What a pair!

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,ZipFlip Flex Slotted Turner - Black/Stainless

ZipFlip Flex Slotted Turner - Black/Stainless

A classic tool with the Chef'n Twist. Chef'n has updated the classic wooden slotted turner by adding a mini silicone spatula to the end so you can turn, spread and serve to your heart's delight!

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Butter Dish

Butter Dish

The practical and elegant way to store butter. Made of quality scratch proof plastic that can resist high temperatures and can be used indoors and out

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Ice Spoon Mould

Ice Spoon Mould

A funky new ice tray ideal for mixing cocktails or refreshing the bottles and decanters as ice slips easily into the bottle necks. Who knew a spoon could double up as a mixer and ice!

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Food Preparation,Mastrad,Cooking Torch (Blow Torch)

Cooking Torch (Blow Torch)

A professional tool to caramelize the cream, desserts and brown meats. Now you can truly perfect the Creme Brulee to its classic caramelized look and taste.

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,iPasta Imperia Pasta Maker

iPasta Imperia Pasta Maker

This quality pasta machine/ maker has a 6″W dough roller unit for rolling and kneading and a removable double cutter head for making 1/16″ (2 mm) tagliatelle and ¼” (6.5 mm) fettucine. 

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Mastrad Chocolate Fondue Set (Red Colour)

Mastrad Chocolate Fondue Set (Red Colour)

Pour melted chocolate that is still warm into the fondue bowl. Use the fondue forks to dip fresh fruits, marshmallows, sweets, cakes, dried fruit, brioche...into the chocolate. Go ahead and indulge yourself. Dont forget to put a little tea light candle under the pot to keep the chocolate warm. Sets the mood for a quiet night in.

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Kitchen To Table,Fred & Friends (USA),Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

Get your friends (ship) wrecked in style with these hilarious silicone ice trays. The icebergs will stay afloat, the ship will sink, and your drinks will be smash hit!

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Kitchen To Table,Rotho,Ice Cube Dispenser (Diamond Shaped)

Ice Cube Dispenser (Diamond Shaped)

Delight your guests by adding diamond shaped ice cubes to their drinks! 

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Food Preparation,Chefn (USA),Freshforce Basting Brush

Freshforce Basting Brush

This tool is made with 650-degree F heat and stain resistant silicone bristles that have a patented ink quill design to absorb and hold large amounts of sauce or oil. The Silicone Basting Brush is perfect for chicken, ribs, and even your Thanksgiving turkey. 

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Kitchen To Table,Mastrad,Salad Tongs

Salad Tongs

Ideal for mixing and serving salad Use together as tongs, or seaparte into two handy spoonsfor stirring, serving and straining.Graduated spoon can be used for measuring ingredients. Indented handle extension perfect for measuring a pinch of salt, pepper or spices. Ergonomic, can be used right or left handed. 

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