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Choose from our range of teas - oolong, white, flowering teas or even a chilli chai! Need help picking the best tea for you? Give us a call on 022-32208563

Green Tea

This popular tea is mellow with clean, refreshing end notes. Green tea has less caffeine content than black & oolong teas and is know for its high anti-oxidant properties. Available as pure green tea or as flavored green tea



White Tea

Delicate, with a slightly sweet flavor and a clean finish, White Tea is the least processed of all teas & hence retains maximum anti-oxidants. Due to its very low caffeine content, this tea makes a perfect relaxation cup before bed-time

Flowering Teas

These fascinating teas bloom into flowers when you steep them in hot water! An absolute must-try. The teas have a relaxing green tea or jasmine flavor and are best enjoyed with honey or milk

Black Tea

Strong & deep in flavor, Black Teas take on different names based on the regions they originate in. If you like your tea with milk, then it is the perfect choice for you. Relatively high in caffeine content compared to other teas, these are best suited at breakfast

Oolong Tea

Full-bodied and complex, Oolong has a huge following in China & Japan where it is often referred to as the "slimming tea". Slowly gaining popularity in India, this tea is best had without milk and tastes great with a squeeze of lime.

Specialty Tea

Love experimenting with tea? Try our unique teas from Rose tea & Chamomile flower tea to Red Tea & Chrysanthemum Tea. These teas are herbal & flower infusions and are best had without milk