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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Al Fez Harissa Spiced Couscous (200g)

Al Fez Harissa Spiced Couscous (200g)

Golden couscous grains with exotic spices, chilli & coriander.

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Sumac (38g)

Sumac (38g)

A deep red berry granule with a wonderfully sharp & tangy taste. Sumac is great sprinkled on kebabs and in salads. You can add it to rice and couscous for fantastic colour and flavor

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Tahini Dressing (200ml)

Tahini Dressing (200ml)

Use Tahini sauce in Falafel pitta pockets and in wraps or enjoy as a dip with chopped vegetables, houmous and falafel. You can also liven up salads with a squeeze of Tahini sauce!

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Houmous (160g)

Houmous (160g)

A delicious creamy dip with a mild, nutty taste made with chickpeas. 

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Tabouleh (150g)

Tabouleh (150g)

Bulghur, mint and parsley salad. A zesty scented salad perfect for serving chilled. Tabouleh is a classic mountain dish from the Eastern Mediterranean region and has become one of the most popular Middle Eastern salads. 

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Lebanese & Moroccan,Al Fez,Falafel Mix (150g)

Falafel Mix (150g)

Savory chickpeas and herb snack! Great on its own, in pitta pockets or with salad!

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Nacho Cheese Sauce (300g) Small Image

Nacho Cheese Sauce (300g)

Squeeze this nacho cheese sauce over a plate of tortilla chips and microwave for 20-30 seconds. You'll have a hot, tasty, plate of cheesy nachos in front of you. Serve heated. Gluten and Wheat free. Suitable for vegetarians as well.

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Mexican,Discovery,Yellow Jalapenos (200g)

Yellow Jalapenos (200g)

Yellow jalapenos could be just what you’re looking for. They’re a sweet, mild version of traditional jalapenos and work beautifully in fajitas, wraps, burritos and tacos. They also add a splash of colour to your nachos, pizzas and salads.

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Mexican,MIssion,Mission Fat Free Tortillas (384g)

Mission Fat Free Tortillas (384g)

You’ll enjoy soft texture and great taste in both Mission flour and whole wheat. Plus, with added flaxseed as an ingredient to increase Omega 3 fatty acids, which are proven to promote healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. 96% Fat Free “Heart Healthy” Tortillas.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce (382g)

All the seasoning, vegetables & salsa you need. Just add chicken to make perfect fajitas.

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce (340g)

Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce (340g)

A rich tomato, paprika and black pepper sauce & Mexican seasoning to make perfect enchiladas

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Mexican,Discovery,Discovery Fajita Seasoning Mix (30g)

Discovery Fajita Seasoning Mix (30g)

A blend of chilli, garlic, cumin and oregano for making authentic sizzling Mexican fajitas

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Mexican,Discovery,Guacamole (290g)

Guacamole (290g)

A creamy avacado dip with a tangy lick of lime & jalapeno. Cupboard ready for that Mexican moment. Perfect to accompany all sorts of mexican dishes or just as a dip by itself. Try in on fajitas or even over your nachos! We love it as a dip with fresh cucumbers as well!

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Thai,Thasia,Thasia Black Pepper Sauce (170g)

Thasia Black Pepper Sauce (170g)

Inspired in most Asian recipes, black pepper sauce with it's peppery flavor gives a great taste to your stir-fry. Alternatively, use this sauce as a marinade for barbecue.

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Minced Ginger paste (105g) small image

Minced Ginger paste (105g)

Thai Heritage Minced Ginger instantly enhances a variety of dishes with no prep or cleanup. Free of MSG, preservatives and artificial colors, this authentic ingredient comes to you from Thailand.

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Tamarind paste (110g) small image

Tamarind paste (110g)

Use this Tamarind paste to add that sweet and sour flavour to your foods. You'll love it! It contains no MSG, no preservatives and no artificial colouring. 100% vegetarian.

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Thai,Thai Heritage,Minced Garlic paste (110g)

Minced Garlic paste (110g)

Thai Heritage Minced Garlic instantly enhances a variety of dishes with no prep or cleanup. Free of MSG, preservatives and artificial colors, this authentic ingredient comes to you from Thailand. 100% vegetarian.

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Thai,Blue Elephant,Rice Stick Noodles (500gm)

Rice Stick Noodles (500gm)

Blue elephant rice stick noodles are made from fine rice flour they are thick and white Boiled they are ideal for "Guay Tiaw" noodle soup.

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HomeChef Sweet Chili Sauce Small Image

HomeChef Sweet Chili Sauce (200ml)

HomeChef - Bringing World Cuisine to Your Plate. HomeChef Sweet Chili Sauce is a distinctive savory sauce with mild hints of sweetness served as a dip or as a sauce in your favourite main course dishes.

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Homechef Lime & Spicy Sauce Small Image

Lime & Spicy Sauce (300ml)

Homechef Lime & Spicy Sauce makes a great starter and the combination of the meat and herbs with the spicy and tangy dressing is ideal for whetting the appetite for the main course.  

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Thai,Thasia,Thasia Pad Thai Sauce (150ml)

Thasia Pad Thai Sauce (150ml)

Pad thai is traditional Thai stir fried rice noodles which had been known for a century. This sauce is made from natural fruity tamarind, reddish and brownish in color. Pad thai is another perfect vegetarian dish, just omit shrimp and add more tofu if you like

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Thai,Blue Elephant,Blue Elephant Rice Vinegar (200ml)

Blue Elephant Rice Vinegar (200ml)

The Blue Elephant Rice Vinegar is less acidic and milder in flavour. Provides a milder, sweeter alternative to regular vinegar. Suitable for sensational salads, magnificent marinades and amazing appetizers. Its slightly sweet aftertaste will bring you back to it from time to time.

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