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Pasta Machines & Accessories

Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,Imperia Raviolamp Cuoricini (Little Hearts)

Imperia Raviolamp Cuoricini (Little Hearts)

Twelve whole heart shaped ravioli tray for making home made ravioli. The tray also comes complete with a wooden rolling pin to seal the top layer of pasta over the filling. Simply turn the tray upside down once the process is finished to release the ravioli easily

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,Imperia Pesciolini Fish

Imperia Pesciolini Fish

Make 12 fish shaped ravioli with this tray. A fun aquatic themed pasta to excite your kids and make pasta so much more fun than it already is!

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,Imperia Reginette Lasagnette Cutter

Imperia Reginette Lasagnette Cutter

Removable cutter head for Imperia pasta machine, 12 mm Reginette Lagsanette Cutter.

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,Imperia Spaghetti Attachment

Imperia Spaghetti Attachment

Cutter attachment for Imperia pasta machine. Spaghetti diameter 2 mm. Make restaurant like spaghetti in your own kitchen with this helpful attachment for the Imperia pasta machine

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,Imperia MilleGnocchi

Imperia MilleGnocchi

This gnocchi attachment produces three variants of gnocchi including cavatelli, sardinion gnocchetti and rigatelli. Simply pick your desired shape and make delicious, homemade gnocchi.

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,Imperia Raviolamp Classici

Imperia Raviolamp Classici

Maximize your pasta sheets as this ravioli is the perfect width if you use a pasta machine for making the sheets. Each ravioli side is 1.25 inch square and makes 24 in one roll. Comes with a rolling pin

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Pasta Paraphernalia,Imperia,iPasta Imperia Pasta Maker

iPasta Imperia Pasta Maker

This quality pasta machine/ maker has a 6″W dough roller unit for rolling and kneading and a removable double cutter head for making 1/16″ (2 mm) tagliatelle and ¼” (6.5 mm) fettucine. 

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Food Preparation,Chefn (USA),Ergosphere Pasta Tongs

Ergosphere Pasta Tongs

Pasta can be tough to work with; it's slippery and messy and never wants to do what it's told.  Show pasta who's boss with the Ergosphere™ Pasta Tongs. One part pasta spoon, one part tong, this pair knows how to handle unruly noodles for easy prepping and serving!

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How To: Make Pasta using the Imperia Pasta Machine